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January 7th, 2018

A boy’s severe leathering at home

This is an account of a severe leathering I got off mum and nan. I was about 11. It was the summer holidays so mum was off on holiday too. I had been acting up all day. I’d had a good spanking over mum’s knee before lunch for cheek, then another one in the afternoon for the same. Then just before tea I got a leathering on the bare backside with mum’s strap and sent to bed. My bottom was tender and sore, I can tell you, but I was still feeling like doing everything mum told me not to.

There was a house being renovated up the street and an older girl called lynn was outside. I was leaning out my bedroom window.

“You coming out, Garry?” She said.

“No, I’ve been sent to bed,” I said.

“So are you scared to come out?”

“No,” I said.

“Come on then,” she teased me.

“Right,” I said. I would regret it.

I sneaked downstairs. I could hear mum in the kitchen. She was having a cigarette, and she heard me.

“Where are you going, lad?” She shouted.

“Out!” I shouted, and opened the front door, running out in my pyjamas and slippers.

She tried to catch me. “In, lad,” she shouted.

“No!” I shouted back and ran up the street to the older girl.

October 9th, 2017

Leatherings and Beltings

M and I were talking about the old days tonight and she says it’s about time I told you about my leatherings and beltings as there were plenty; a lot more than the ones I’ve already told you about, so here goes.

One I remember well was when I was in primary 4. I was mucking about at school flinging stones and I hit a girl called Janice Morgan on the forehead, cutting her head. She was taken into school by her pals. I remember all my pals saying: “You’ll get the belt,” and feeling really scared. The head, Mrs Glover, was a strict old teacher and she had two belts, one little black one with no split at the end, for everyday use, and a big brown one with a split leaving two nasty tails for special occasions.

She appeared at the front doorway. The playground went quiet.

“Garry Brown!”

She pointed at me.

“Inside, lad.”

My heart skipped a beat. I put my head down and entered the school, but she hit me across the back of the head as I passed her. She didn’t have an office as she taught. She took me to her classroom.

“You’re lucky, my boy,” she said. “Janice doesn’t need stitches. Do you realise she could have lost an eye?”

February 27th, 2016

A girl gets the strap

Margaret was still not too old to feel the sting of leather on her hands or bottom. This is a cautionary tale of being brought down a peg or two.

Margaret had gone for a cigarette in the girls toilet at break time. She was checking her make up in the mirror when two first year girls she knew came in and asked her for a cigarette. She gave them one each and started on her lipstick.

After about 30 seconds, Mrs Jessiman came in doing one of her regular checks for smokers. She caught the 2 of them with the cigarettes lighted. She told them to put them out and asked them if they knew school rules.  They both said they did.

Mrs Jessiman put her bag down and pulled her thick brown leather strap out. Margaret said the toilets were full of girls of all ages pretending to being doing one thing or another, but really they were hanging about to see the belting that was coming.

“Hands up,” Mrs Jessiman said to the first girl, Sharon. She got 2 on each hand. Margaret said she howled at every stroke  and they weren’t hard ones.

Mrs Jessiman turned to the next girl, Louise.  “Up!” She said. She got the same but took them better, only crying softly after the last one.

April 28th, 2015

Another leathering

One time we played truant, Mr M gave me 6 strokes of what we called double handers (both hands side by side so one stroke hit both hands) in front of Margaret.

I took 3 before dropping my hands in agony. The other 3 were awful. I was crying and Margaret was shocked.

She reported to Mrs J after lunch in her classroom. Margaret was belted in the corridor, 3 on each hand, hands crossed. She changed hands after each stroke. The noise echoed down the corridor.

Margaret was crying when she came back to class and everyone knew where she had been. She sat with her hands between her thighs for a while; they were shaking. Both our hands were bruised although that was nothing  to what my bottom was that night. Mum leathered me. I was 4 months short of my 16th birthday. The next day I could hardly sit.

Margaret got leathered by her dad. Bent over, her short skirt rode up leaving Margaret taking the belt across her panties and tights. She had 2 belt weals across the back of her thighs, and she really flinched when I touched them.

We went off the school premises at lunch time and sat very uncomfortably in a local park while Margaret re-did her lipstick and had a cigarette, then we walked hand in hand back to school.

April 28th, 2015

Girl spanked in class

Margaret was playing up in home economics to her teacher, Miss B After a while Miss B thought enough was enough so she bent Margaret over her knee causing her short skirt to ride up, and spanked her with a wooden spoon. Margaret had red marks on the top of her thighs and on her bottom where the wooden spoon was making a painful contact. It was an all girls class. Margaret said her bottom and the top of her thighs were sore afterwards, she was also very embarrassed. To add to this punishment the rest of the class laughed.


April 24th, 2015

A girl cheeks her mother.

This is the story of my girlfriend margarets leathering.

Margaret and I usually walked to school together, but on this day I was getting a lift from my mum. As usual she was running late and we just made school in time. In those days it was an automatic 2 strokes of the belt on each hand for being late. When I reminded mum of that, she reminded me that if I got 2 on the hand at school then I’d also get a few more across my bottom in the evening.

When I tried to say it would be her fault if I was late, she gave me the look which meant: “Enough! Or else!”

I hurried into the classroom and caught up with Margaret at the door. She was wearing a little tight grey panelled skirt, shiny black tights and knee length boots, plus the uniform white shirt and school tie. Her skirt was so short her school blazer was longer. She had blue eye-shadow and sexy pink lipstick.

“Where were you this morning?” She said, slipping her hand into mine.

“Got a lift from mum,” I said.

“I have something to tell you,” she said.

We sat down. Before either of us could say anything, the teacher came in. Margaret crossed her legs but her skirt was so short you could see the tops of her tights. It was a double period of maths and all the way through Margaret kept easing her bottom off the seat. When I caught her eye, she just smiled.

April 21st, 2015

Truancy in Scotland

This is picture of my then girlfriend, now wife, Margaret.

20140330_135613 version 2

Once, we were playing truant at her house when we were both about to turn sixteen. Unfortunately we were discovered and I received 6 of the belt at school the next day from Mr M. Margaret also got 6 from Mrs J.

With my mum being the headmaster’s secretary, she found out and bent me over the edge of my bed that night for another leathering across my bare backside. I was also grounded for two months.

Margaret took a leathering from her dad but at least she had her skirt on. This happened in the mid seventies in a small town in south west Scotland.


September 8th, 2013

A School Strapping

A typical school strapping recalled

I was bored and distracted. Miss Walker was droning on about fractions, not my best subject, and my girlfriend was sitting opposite me wearing a really short skirt. Just to tease me, she stroked the top of her thigh, smiled at me, and then blew me a kiss.

“Garry Smith!” Miss Walker exclaimed. “Are you paying attention?”

“Yes miss,” I muttered. What else could I answer?

“Bring your book out here now, lad.” she said. She was seated at her desk.

I knew I’d done very little work but there was no alternative. I stood up and went to her desk. She was wearing a short pink skirt, white blouse, black sheer tights and sling back shoes. My heart was pounding.

Miss Walker looked at my book.

“What have you been doing, lad?” She shouted. “Am I just here wasting my time?”

I shrugged my shoulders.

“So, you are not bothered, are you? In the corner lad, face against the wall! We will see how bothered you are at the end of the period.”

I walked over to the corner, my face burning with humiliation, and stood with my nose touching the wall. A few of my friends sniggered. Miss Walker looked up.

“Anybody wanting to join our friend are welcome, but I assure you they won’t be laughing at the end of the period!”

March 13th, 2013

Girl Strapped at School

This is a true account of a belting my wife, Margaret, received at school in 1975 which I was able to witness as we were in the same class, 4A. We’d been going out together for about a year by that time.

She was wearing a tight little grey school skirt, black sheer tights, block heel shoes, white blouse, school tie and a tight ‘V’ neck grey school jumper. Underneath she was wearing cute pink panties. I knew because at morning break we had been kissing and having a rather heavy petting session in a corner of the school grounds and my hands had been wandering.

At one point, though, she opened her bag, took out her cigarettes and lit one. I warned her against doing it and mentioned she could get the belt if anyone caught her. She didn’t seem that bothered, though, and said it wouldn’t be the first time.

Towards the end of the break, we headed back to the school building and joined the separate lines for boys and girls. As the lines edged forward, my wife to be tied her shoulder length blonde hair into a cute little ponytail. When we got inside our classroom, we sat down next to each other.

December 26th, 2012

Garry B tells of another strapping he received

I sat on my bed, my heart hammering in my chest because I knew I had overstepped the mark. I had given my mum cheek in front of her best friend. I called her ‘auntie Pamela’ because my mum and she were like sisters and I really liked her because she was very good to me. My mum had only asked me to make coffee and I had told her I wasn’t her slave.

I knew better than to answer my mum back. She looked at me. “Are you never going to learn, Garry,” she said.

“Sorry mum, I was just joking.” I muttered.

“You will be, lad,” she said, reaching over for her cigarettes, giving my aunt Pamela one and lighting hers. “What do you think, Pamela?” She said, exhaling a long stream of smoke. “Cheek like that deserves a good hard dose of leather.”

“Please mum, I’m sorry!” I pleaded.

My aunt Pamela took a drag of her cigarette, put her head back and blew smoke out. “Surely not for that, Beverley,” she said.

“You’re far too soft, Pamela.” My mum said. “Let little brats like him off with anything and the next thing they are running rings round you.” My mum stood up, kicked her high shoes off and slipped her feet into her slippers. “Usually I would bend him over the chair in here and leather him, but seeing he is your favourite I will deal with him in his room. Upstairs lad!” She said.