Remembering back 50 years to 1969, I had no inkling as the year began that it would be the year in which I experienced corporal punishment at school more often than any other year. I am referring to a calendar year so this straddled the second and third terms of my second year at Grammar School and the first term of the third year. In total in 1969, I received school corporal punishment six times, against what I recollect as an overall total of 13, although there may be several more that I don’t remember. If I remember rightly, my

A Grammar school boy’s first experience of being caned I was over thirteen years of age and in the third year at Rochester Grammar School when I felt the cane for the first time. I was one of those in between boys as far as behavior was concerned; not bad, though far from being a goodie-goodie. I’d racked up a fair few detentions, a number of lines, and had felt hand, board ruler and slipper across my bottom, but until that day never the cane. At my junior school all teachers were allowed to cane, but I managed to avoid