This memory follows on very closely from the last one, when I was 15. In fact, at the beginning of this story my bum was probably still bearing the marks of the spanking I received that day. Being brought home by the police had the unexpected and undeserved consequence that for a while I had a reputation as a ‘bad girl’. Real ‘bad girls’ wanted to be my friend and boys were suddenly more interested in me. I didn’t want to be friends with the bad girls, I got enough spankings already, but I admit I quite enjoyed getting attention

After three years at the girls’ school from age 11 to 14, I spent the last two years of my education at the High school in town. Corporal punishment was used there, but it was almost always boys who got it. Sometimes girls did, for serious offences, but I was not one of them and my days of being spanked at school were over. However, at home I was still subject to the same regime. The most common punishment I and most other girls received at the High School was after-school detention. I found myself kept in after school on

Several of the girls on the estate where I lived were keen on playing football. Our parents all thought we should play it in the park at the end of the street but whenever we did, boys would come and join in uninvited and spoil the game by keeping the ball away from us, so we preferred to gather in someone’s garden. As you can imagine, the location had to change every time we got banned from a garden, such as at our house when Mum saw the ball hit the kitchen window. Luckily, it didn’t break or I would

Like most girls growing up in the 1970s, I thought that smoking was cool. When I was about thirteen I was persuaded to try it by one of my friends and, although I didn’t really like it, I thought I should persevere so that I would look cool and boys would fancy me. My mum was a smoker and I worked out that it was possible to steal fags from her packet as long as it wasn’t too full or too empty. If there were only a few left, or if there were only a few missing, the difference was

I never used to play truant at school. I enjoyed being there and I also knew what to expect if I got caught. Truancy, like smoking or fighting, was one of those offences that automatically meant a visit to the Headmistress. The whacking my sister had received from my parents when they discovered she had been skiving off was also a factor. However, as a typical schoolgirl, I did it just the once, thinking it unlikely that I would be caught. I thought wrong! My friend, Sarah, had been slippered in a morning lesson for repeatedly disrupting the class. She

After narrowly escaping the slipper from Miss Marshall in my first term at the school, I was always on my best behaviour in English lessons. So, by the end of my first year I had still not been spanked at school or at home. I was sure that Miss Marshall knew what I had done and would not hesitate to give me what I deserved if I gave her even the slightest excuse and so it was a great relief to me to reach the final day of summer term with my bottom unscathed. In the second year, my English

The first time I got the slipper at school was during a PE lesson from my gym teacher, Miss Woods. Miss Woods was a young and very attractive woman who looked just like the American tennis player Chris Evert with her shortish blond hair and athletic frame. Another thing she had in common with the tennis champion was the power of her forearm smash! In this lesson, we were playing hockey out on the playing field. I was quite good at hockey, though not good enough to be considered for the school team. I was not a fast enough runner

My first taste of the slipper was in December 1973 and, just like my sister’s first slippering, was on school report day. It wasn’t as severe as Rebecca’s though as my report was not nearly as bad as that one. I did like to fool around in class when I was at school but I knew which teachers I could do that with without risking a spanking, or a trip to see the Headmistress. The downside of that was that the teachers who didn’t spank you would be more likely to describe your misbehaviour in your school report. My last report

Our school uniform was a grey pleated skirt, white shirt, white socks, blue and red striped tie, grey blazer and a stupid straw hat with a red ribbon round it. It was not a posh school but it had pretensions. We all hated those hats. It did not mean a spanking to turn up without it occasionally but you had better not make a habit of it! Rebecca and I had to wear it every day because we lived quite near the school so if we turned up incorrectly attired we would be sent home to change. In the summer

This memory comes from the same holiday as the previous one and describes the hardest and longest spanking I ever received. We arrived at the chalet before noon and spent a while unpacking and sorting out where everything was to go in the chalet. Rebecca and I had been quiet and well behaved on the remainder of the journey with our bottoms tender and throbbing. When the accommodation was all sorted we had lunch and then got changed for the beach. It was a glorious summer’s day, really hot and I wore a bikini to go down to the sea.