This was August 1974 and we were going to spend a week in a chalet at the seaside in South West England. It was a long way for Dad to drive so we had to get up very early and Beccy and I had not slept much the night before through excitement. We had breakfast and got in the car. I remember it was very quiet at 6 o’clock with barely any traffic. Mum went back to the house about 3 times to check that she hadn’t left the gas on, or a window open etc, and we were all

My mother had a habit when my sister or I were misbehaving of asking us whether we wanted to go over her knee with our pants down. Naturally we didn’t and would stop doing whatever was annoying her immediately. I cannot remember a time before this question was regularly asked, so often that Rebecca and I would use it to impersonate her when she was out of earshot amidst fits of giggles. In spite of the frequency with which we received this threat, both of us survived with our bottoms intact until we were 12 years old. Rebecca was a year older

This memory is from 1972 when I was 11 years old. I was in my first year at secondary school. It was a comprehensive school for girls aged 11 to 14 and the teachers were a lot stricter than the ones at the mixed infants I had previously attended. I had an older sister already at the school and so I knew which teachers it was better to not get on the wrong side of. However, Miss Marshall, my English teacher, was also new to the school and was something of an unknown quantity. In the first few weeks she