I was at a primary school in a leafy London suburb during the 1950s and 1960s, and a lot of my reading at home had included various incidents of school punishments ranging from Little Noddy getting the slipper to Billy Bunter being caned by Mr Quelch. I was, quite honestly, fearful of being beaten before I even set foot in the door of the school at age 7. Prior to that I had gone to a private infants school run by two very gentle spinsters who never administered more than a token smack on the back of the hand. All

I was never any good at Art, and Mrs B asked the class to paint EITHER a scene from our school trip on the Royal Daffodil from Tower Bridge to Canvey Island, OR a scene from our summer holidays. I decided to try to paint a scene of the Ford plant at Dagenham which our boat had passed. My first effort was pretty dreadful, I must admit. Mrs B grumbled about wasting paper and paint but gave me another chance. If anything this effort was even worse and I was hugely castigated and told that I was to try again

Up until I was 7 years old I attended a kindergarten/prep school in a North western suburb of London. The school was run by a very kind lady and her husband. I was quite bright and got on well there. Any naughtiness was dealt with by a mild slap on the hand, at worst. At age 7 it was decided that I should go to the local primary school. Whilst I was quite confident that I would cope with bigger classes and possibly better structured work I was concerned that I might get hit. I was a very advanced reader and had

If you are a woman who wishes to recall days gone by, when bad behaviour or poor work could result in a spanking, slippering or even caning, then perhaps you might like to visit my school. We hold classes on an occasional basis. There are normally 3 or 4 girls in class and I am very respectful of limits and choice of spanking implements. We set homework and have class tests as well as tuition and class discussion. There is a school song and there are school rules to be learned. N O fees are involved. No pupil is admitted