When I was at university, my tutor was American and he was also head of the department.  A strong believer in an honour system, he would look kindly on any issues if you owned up to it, but would be very strict if not. My tutor, Mark, was a great, sweet man in his mid-40s. I had drinks a couple of times with him and his English partner, Karl, who was just as sweet. Most of my spankings, having not had a dad at home for most of my childhood, and going to an all-girls school, had been at the hands of

When I was a teenager, probably 16, maybe 17, I was a real brat, getting into bother at the drop of a hat. It really was just a phase, because by 18 I was a totally different person. These events took place in a shopping centre in France when we were on holiday. It had been a very hot and extremely humid couple of days, and tempers were wearing a little thin. As usual, I was being a real little madam, and mum was rapidly running out of patience with me. We had been in a big supermarket shop, and before that we had

My husband and I have just returned from the woods located in a county park less than 2 miles from our home. We often go there and sometimes play role-play games in the woods where no one will see us. Today we got more than we bargained for. Having walked about 250 metres into the wood, we were heading for a good location to act out one of our spanking games we often play. We knew of a clearing about 50 metres ahead, but just before we reached it we heard raised voices coming from the clearing and we wondered if some like-minded

Ted was my first proper boyfriend and my first spanking partner. We lived at opposite ends of the same street and had classes together in maths and history at GCSE, and maths in the sixth form. We started dating when we were both 17 and were in the upper sixth form. Both of us were spanked by our mothers. My mother was an over-the-knee and over the knickers sort of woman, his mum was a bare bottom spanker, and often with a hair brush, even at his age. Spanking first reared its head when he picked me up one Saturday afternoon and I was

During the summer vacation of my first year at university, about 16 months before Jo and I met, my sister and her friend were in the year above me, and I know Bev had the hots for me. Probably because I was tall and very athletic, but we never dated and she did have a conscience. If she had done something bad that her father would have spanked her for, she did ask me to step in. This stood me in good stead when I got together with Jo a year or so later. One Saturday night during the university summer vacation, I offered to take

At university I was in a hockey team; just a league within the university. I was never good enough or, at 5 feet 2 inches on a good day, tall enough to compete at any sort of competitive level. My team played in green kit from head to toe; we looked like unripe ears of corn. We each had our Christian name emblazoned on the backs of our shirts. Being called Jo, it didn’t take up much room! Our games were always on a Wednesday afternoon. Next door was a five-a-side football pitch which was constantly in use. One team always seemed to

A girl called Amy and I were best friends at school and sat together in most lessons. On one occasion, we were having an A-level test in French, my favourite subject, but Amy struggled rather despite my coaching her most weekends. This was the last lesson of a very long week and we were all very pleased when it was over. The following week, during the last period on Tuesday, we got the results and I got top marks yet again. Amy got an amazing 65%, third in the group of 15 upper-sixth girls. Miss L, the French teacher, surprisingly made little of Amy’s amazing performance