In my previous posting I wrote about the number of times that I was slippered in my junior school. In this post, I recount my experiences in the senior department of the all boys direct grant grammar school that I attended in the 1960s. One of the differences was that all teachers could cane as well as slipper. We had thought this would lead to more corporal punishment, but in fact it didn’t. Most teachers didn’t use the slipper and the cane was reserved for serious offences. One of the exceptions was Mr Brady, who had the nickname of Basher.

I went to an all boys direct grant grammar school in the 1960s. The school had a junior department, so I started there at the age of eight. This was the era of corporal punishment in schools and at my school all teachers were allowed to use the slipper and the headmaster could cane. My parents had occasionally given my brother and me a smack, but I had never experienced any formal kind of corporal punishment. This was to change a few weeks into my first term. My science teacher that year was Mr K and we were waiting for