Now on Sale Eight new stories from Kenny Walters, all unique to this ebook. Contents A Traveller Abroad A woman travelling in the Far East is caught with a quantity of cocaine in her luggage. She knows she didn’t put it there, but is unable to prove who did. Consequently, she has to choose between prison or a caning. The Gym Mistress A sixth form girl enjoys a friendly relationship with her gym mistress, until she finds the mistress has been assigned the task of slippering her. Hello Uncle Mike After continual problems at home, a girl arranges a visit

During a number of private discussions, we’ve noticed that a fair proportion of girls who were slippered at school kept it entirely to themselves and never mentioned it even to their best friends. We’re intrigued as to why this should be. Was it simply embarrassment? Shame? The shock of the punishment? If anyone has a view, especially if you were one of those girls, then please email us your thoughts. Obviously, total confidentiality is assured as with all our contacts. Please email:    

  A collection of Eight short stories Judged and Punished A judge’s daughter is caught drinking alcohol with three of her friends, with predictable consequences. Parking Lot Punishment A girl changes schools when her parents move from California to North Carolina and finds the style of discipline very different. The Head Girl’s Dilemma Even Head Girls get themselves into trouble sometimes, but when this Head Girl’s punishment is considered too lenient it causes bad feeling. Old Tom The daughter of the big house is considered by some to be a spoilt brat. Read how she gains her come-uppance. A Personal