Ever played a stupid game? When I was about 17, I went over on my bike to my grandma and grandpa’s house to see my favorite cousins, Timmy and Patty. The place was quite old and had been in the family for generations. There were some remains of a past age in the yard, like an old wash-stand and a carpet beater. Timmy took hold of the carpet beater. “You know,” he said, giving it a swish. “I reckon this is what grandpa used to get his butt swatted with when he was a boy. Reckon I remember him telling

On my sixteenth birthday my favorite cousin, Timmy, had promised to take me out in the morning and buy me a present. I was excited at the prospect, but it didn’t stop me, as usual, not being ready for him. In fact, I was still in my pajamas when he arrived. I had been too busy opening presents and chatting on the phone to friends to notice the time. “Will you ever be ready in time?” scolded my cousin good naturedly. “Girl’s privilege!” I said, sticking my tongue out at him and generally acting sassy. Mom, who had been watching

When I was thirteen, I was caught in possession of a magazine which was deemed inappropriate. Actually, it was being passed around and I was unlucky enough to be caught with it. Everyone was a bit shocked that a ‘nice girl’ like me should be in possession of such a document and I was post-haste removed from my gym lesson to see the school counsellor. She was a really nice lady who appeared very understanding at my contrition and appeared to believe my story that I had just happened to be caught with it. She told me the thing would

It was amazing the sort of stupid questions a girl got asked when she just had a school paddling, especially from the boys. I remember one match day when one of our cheerleaders named Molly was sent to the office for ‘class disruption’. We were obviously all a bit excited and she had let out a loud guffaw in the middle of the lesson, which had annoyed the teacher. Perhaps she might have got away with it if the class hadn’t been on its third warning and if she hadn’t have shown attitude while being told off; but as it

When I was about 12 or 13, I had a fight at school with a girl called Tammy. I can’t even remember quite what it was about, but I remember us rolling on the floor and being separated by the duty teacher. She marched us into school and made us both stand with our noses to the corner. After what seemed like ages, but probably was about 10 minutes, she came and discussed with us what was the matter. By this time, we had calmed down and we made up and agreed to be friends again. So, all seem to

When I was about eight, I had a Sunday School teacher called Sharon who was a senior at the high school. She was very pretty, but very firm, and I loved her dearly. One Sunday, I arrived for class nursing a sore bottom as I had been the object of my mother’s wrath that morning. I had been playing up with one of my sisters and mom had settled things with a good spanking over her knee for us both. I was still feeling the effects and shuffling on my poor little butt during class, so Sharon asked me what

The second spanking I got from my favourite teacher, Coach B, was when we had been out cheering and were coming home on the bus, which was a fairly small bus which we cheerleaders all crowded into. We were all pretty excited and in a rather silly mood. One girl had an orange, which another girl pinched, and we decided to throw it around, which was okay until someone threw it a bit far and it hit the driver. He was very annoyed, stopped the bus and told us to get off. We were all very chastened and thought that

When it comes to spankings in a day, my little sister sure holds the family record. She was going through a bit of a bad phase in behavior as you do as a mid-teen and had collected a paddling at school for sassing a teacher. She had to report to the AP who was not amused by her remarks and made her bend over for three swats on her cute butt, which made sitting super sore all day. Unfortunately for her, mom somehow found out. I don’t think sis would’ve been spanked again, but she showed lots of attitude when

It is one of the ironies of my high school life that I got one of my most painful paddlings from my favourite teacher. The factors that contributed to how much it hurt were just how thin my gym shorts were and the fact that she was a really fit young lady with a strong arm. She was pretty new to the job and I think I was one of the first girls she ever paddled, so maybe it was her inexperience combined with my thin shorts that made it so painful. But it was my own fault as I

When I was 15, I had a sleepover with some of my friends for my birthday. My folks put us in the basement in sleeping bags which was great fun. When we had gotten into our pajamas, one of my friends asked me if I’d had a good birthday. When I said I had and it was lovely she told me that a good birthday needed a good birthday spanking to complete it. With the help of the other friends, she got me over her knee and spanked me 15 times very firmly on my cute little butt, plus the ‘one to