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March 18th, 2019

A prank at school gets a girl and boy punished

I had a cute butt as a teen; too cute at times. In high school before a game, one of the lads was taking pictures of the cheerleaders. So, in a moment of madness I bent over and let him take a picture of my booty. Imagine my embarrassment when the photograph appeared on the noticeboard with the caption: ‘Whose butt?’

Even more embarrassing was the investigation and having to explain the thing to the Principal. He was quite understanding that it was just a lark that got out of hand a bit, but just to get it home to us that it was unacceptable he gave us a lecture and then got his paddle out of the drawer. I got three smacks on my butt from the paddle and the photographer got six.

I didn’t think I really deserved it but thought that protesting might make things worse. So I bent over the desk and took the swats.  The principal was a bit apologetic at spanking me but it sure hurt plenty anyway.


“Ow!” I yelled.


“Oweeee!” I yelled as tears started as the fire spread.


“Ahhhhhh!” I yelled as I burst into floods of tears.

My cute butt was really on fire when I left the office in tears and I could hardly sit down the rest of the day.

March 15th, 2019

Boys and girls paddled for a food fight

Not long after I started cheerleading, we had a game on that evening and we were all a bit excited about it. I had brought my camera to school to take photographs of us all and at lunchtime we sat at the table with some boys. Unfortunately the excitement got the better of my companions and they started a food fight with the boys. As I had my camera on me, I jumped up and took a few photographs of the food fight. I think it might have passed unnoticed but unfortunately the kids were excited by the sight of my camera and it all got a bit out of hand. The duty teacher was called, so our table was ‘busted’.

We were told to clear up the food and report to the duty teacher in the hall. When we met him there, he gave us a lecture about our behavior and said we were each going to get three swats of the paddle. I protested that I hadn’t taken part in the food fight but he said I had provoked it by taking pictures.

Anyway, we were all told to line up against the wall. With the thought of the game ahead none of us wanted a sore bottom but we had apparently dug ourselves a hole. The boys went first and each bent over in turn for their swats. They managed to get through it with a series of grunts, which is more than us girls did. My two companions both cried bitterly as their bottoms were lit up.

March 12th, 2019

A girl recalls her school paddling

When I was in 6th grade I was going to spend a couple of nights with my friend, Janie, at her house. We were quite excited about it and this led to some fooling around in class. Sadly for us, during the last class the teacher lost patience and sent us out into the hall.

We knew we were in trouble and waited nervously. To our dismay, our teacher came out with the class paddle and told us she had had enough and we were both going to get three swats with the paddle. So, we realised to our horror we were going to have to bend over for three swats each on our cute young butts.

Poor Janie hadn’t been paddled at school before and was really upset and was nearly in tears at the prospect. I was very teary but kept more control, just hoping no-one at home would find out we had been naughty, as that brought its own consequences.

The teacher went and asked the teacher in the next class to come and act as a witness, then told me to put my nose to the wall and told Janie to grab her ankles. I did so and heard three loud pops as the paddle met Janie’s bottom, and lots and lots of crying from my friend.