I am the oldest of four, with a sister two years younger, and brothers five and eight years younger. Though my parents were, and are, progressives, when it came to child-rearing, they were decidedly old-fashioned. They had very clear rules and expectations, and spanking was the first response consequence if we broke them. All of us were spanked into our mid-teens. By the time the older of the two boys was born, mom had stepped aside from her classroom teacher career and was a full-time stay-at-home mother. I would estimate that 90 percent of the spankings at home came from

This is a spanking recollection that I did not witness and only heard about after the fact. It involved the older of my two younger brothers, who was around 13 at the time. When this incident took place, I was already married and out of the house, but my sister Cara, who was around 16 then, was there and witnessed it. I asked her to share her recollections of an episode she says was both memorable and surreal. Spankings in our house were not uncommon. Both my folks believed in their effectiveness and all of us got them into our

I grew up in the 1980s and 1990s, and while spanking was, I think, still in common practice in my neighborhood, it had already gotten a certain stigma attached to it, mainly from well-intentioned liberals who could not differentiate between abuse and discipline that came from a loving place. My folks were, and are, progressive liberals with strong social consciences, but they also are very old-fashioned in their beliefs on raising kids. All of us, I am the oldest of four, with a younger sister and two younger brothers, were spanked into our mid-teens. To be clear, our parents were

I grew up the oldest of four, with a sister two years younger and brothers five and eight years younger. Though my parents were 1960s liberal types, they were anything but when it came to raising kids, and both were firm believers in the effectiveness of a warm bottom in maintaining discipline. Spankings in our house were not everyday happenings, but they certainly were not rare, and the sounds (and sometimes the sights) of one of us getting our bare bottoms tanned could be heard fairly often. Much rarer was more than one of us getting spanked at the same

The summer between 9th and 10th grade, we went as a family (mom, dad, me and my younger sister and two younger brothers) to Scotland to visit my grandmother, my dad’s mother. We flew to Scotland in July and stayed for the month with my grandmother. I was not especially happy to be giving up a summer with my friends, especially the boy I had been secretly dating for more than a year. I was, to put it charitably, often sullen and glowering for much of the trip, to the point where I was warned more than once by mom

I was fortunate, growing up, to have a large contingent of extended family living in the same neighborhood. My mom’s sister lived just a couple of blocks from us in a house on a large lot on a cul de sac that backed up to woods. They also had an in-ground pool, something that made their place a fun place to hang, especially during summers. There were six kids living there at the time this story took place; my aunt and uncle’s five kids and a niece of my uncle, whom they had taken in at a young age (long

Spankings at my house were not rare and all of us, my younger sister and two younger brothers, were all spanked into our teens. This story is about one of the last spankings my youngest brother got and the last spanking I saw at my house. My boyfriend and I got married soon after I graduated from high school. I was not quite 18 and needed my folks’ permission, which they gave reluctantly, mainly out of fear that I would simply run away if they didn’t (probably true). I had my first daughter at 19 and my second daughter at

The summer between 8th and 9th grade I convinced my mother I was too old to go to camp anymore. My mother had taken on a part-time job and was working several days a week. My dad, who was a tradesman, was working a large out-of-town construction project that kept him away from home for several weeks. My mother was not comfortable with me being by myself at home, but she allowed me to stay with my grandparents (dad’s folks) during the days she worked, while my sister and brothers went to various camps. While staying with my grandparents, I

My parents came of age in the 1960s and both could accurately be described as ‘Kennedy Democrats’. My mom was a classroom teacher for several years and my dad was in a trade union. While they gravitated toward liberal points of view on many things, parental discipline was not one of them. There, they were decidedly old fashioned. Dr Spock had no standing in our house. Spanking was a first response remedy for disobedience, disrespect and lying. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am the oldest of four, with a sister two years younger and brothers five and

I have greatly enjoyed reading the recollections here, especially from folks in the US, so I thought I would share my own. I am a 40-year-old woman who lives in Buffalo, NY, where I grew up. I am the oldest of four. I have a sister two years younger and brothers five and eight years younger. Though spankings were less in fashion during my childhood, my parents were definitely firm believers in their effectiveness and all four of us were spanked into our early to mid-teens. Dad spanked, but mom was the primary disciplinarian in the household. She had been