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February 26th, 2019

A family spanking

I was fortunate, growing up, to have a large contingent of extended family living in the same neighborhood. My mom’s sister lived just a couple of blocks from us in a house on a large lot on a cul de sac that backed up to woods. They also had an in-ground pool, something that made their place a fun place to hang, especially during summers. There were six kids living there at the time this story took place; my aunt and uncle’s five kids and a niece of my uncle, whom they had taken in at a young age (long story) and had since adopted.

I was especially close with this girl, whose name was Judith, or Judi for short. We were just a few months apart in age (she was a bit older) and we hung together both in school and during the summer, mainly at her house.

Like my mom, my aunt was a first-response spanker. Though she tended to let more things slide than my mom did (probably because of the sheer number of kids there), spankings were not rare and, unlike my house, were always done in the open in front of whatever family happened to be there. With the exception of the youngest boy, I’d seen each of my cousins, three boys and two girls, on the receiving end at least once, bent over getting the paddle applied to their bare bottoms. My aunt also believed in ‘while you are a guest here, I expect you to follow the rules’ and I had found myself in that bent over position  a handful of times when I stayed there over the years.

February 13th, 2019

A boy spanked by his mother

Spankings at my house were not rare and all of us, my younger sister and two younger brothers, were all spanked into our teens. This story is about one of the last spankings my youngest brother got and the last spanking I saw at my house.

My boyfriend and I got married soon after I graduated from high school. I was not quite 18 and needed my folks’ permission, which they gave reluctantly, mainly out of fear that I would simply run away if they didn’t (probably true). I had my first daughter at 19 and my second daughter at not quite 21. My husband and I were living in an apartment over my inlaws’ garage. He worked full time in their family lumber business, where I also worked part time while I took classes at a local college. To say it was a crazy time would be an understatement and we never would have been able to do it without much help from family.

This incident took place when my younger girl was not quite a year old. I had my older girl in pre-school three days a week and my younger girl stayed either with my mother-in-law or my mom while I went to my classes.

February 12th, 2019

A girl shoplifts and her mom isn’t pleased

The summer between 8th and 9th grade I convinced my mother I was too old to go to camp anymore. My mother had taken on a part-time job and was working several days a week. My dad, who was a tradesman, was working a large out-of-town construction project that kept him away from home for several weeks.

My mother was not comfortable with me being by myself at home, but she allowed me to stay with my grandparents (dad’s folks) during the days she worked, while my sister and brothers went to various camps.

While staying with my grandparents, I started hanging out with these three girls who lived in their neighborhood. These girls were my age, but definitely more advanced than I was and I guess I was trying to impress them.

Toward the end of August, with about two weeks left before school started, we went to the drug store down the street. Before we went it, one of the girls ‘dared’ all of us to each steal something from the store. We split up and, eager to impress, I wound up in the makeup aisle where coyly, I thought, I slipped several lip glosses into my purse. I didn’t realize two clerks and a security person were just waiting up front for us. One of the girls managed to dodge the posse, but three of us were caught red-handed and escorted back to the office, where, mercifully, police were not called but parents were.

February 11th, 2019

A home spanking

My parents came of age in the 1960s and both could accurately be described as ‘Kennedy Democrats’. My mom was a classroom teacher for several years and my dad was in a trade union. While they gravitated toward liberal points of view on many things, parental discipline was not one of them. There, they were decidedly old fashioned. Dr Spock had no standing in our house. Spanking was a first response remedy for disobedience, disrespect and lying.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am the oldest of four, with a sister two years younger and brothers five and eight years younger. All of us were spanked into our mid-teens. This story is of my last spanking at home at 16 1/2.

At this point, I had a boyfriend. I was not allowed to actually start dating until I turned 15, but I had been clandestinely seeing this boy since the summer between 8th and 9th grade. He was a year ahead of me in school but we had mutual friends. In summer, someone’s house was usually empty during the day, so kids would congregate there and often boys and girls would pair up for make-out sessions. That’s where I met my boyfriend, now my husband!

February 6th, 2019

US family spankings

I have greatly enjoyed reading the recollections here, especially from folks in the US, so I thought I would share my own.

I am a 40-year-old woman who lives in Buffalo, NY, where I grew up. I am the oldest of four. I have a sister two years younger and brothers five and eight years younger.

Though spankings were less in fashion during my childhood, my parents were definitely firm believers in their effectiveness and all four of us were spanked into our early to mid-teens. Dad spanked, but mom was the primary disciplinarian in the household. She had been a classroom teacher for several years until the older of my brothers was born and then she became a stay at home mom. Spankings were not an everyday event at our house, but they were not rare either. I would say I earned one a month on average in my peak years from 10 to 14, then a handful after that until my last at 16 1/2.

Spankings were never given in fury or anger, but were very measured and controlled, and mom had a very set procedure that turned a spanking into an ordeal. Usually we would be dispatched to my parents’ bedroom to stand in an empty corner for 15 minutes or so until she came upstairs. This was to give her time to get her emotions under control and ensure we were not being spanked in anger.