A True Account of a Young Girl Paddled at School (No Use Without Permission) I grew up in a rural town in Midwestern Pennsylvania in the 70’s and 80’s. Corporal punishment was still fairly well accepted back in those days even at school. I wasn’t spanked all that often, not even at home, but I did get a few – some that were quite memorable. Especially the two I got in school. My elementary school was quite small. It consisted of grades Kindergarten through sixth and only had one classroom and teacher for each grade up through the third grade.

(Copyright held by the writer – reproduced here with express permission) It had quieted down and everyone was settled in to what they were doing in homeroom that morning. It probably wasn’t more than five minutes until the silence was broken by a knock on the door by a student office helper. My homeroom teacher, Mrs Warnick, asked the girl standing in the doorway: “May I help you?” She replied: “Is Lexie Bradford in here?” My ears perked up immediately when I heard my name. Mrs Warnick acknowledged that I indeed was in the room and the girl said that