Nearly a year had passed since my stepdad, Bryan, first disciplined me. I was now aged 14 and was blossoming into a woman. I was not fat by any means, but I had a larger build than most of the kids my age. I looked more like 17 than 14, I guess you would say. I had full hips and had pretty much developed into a young lady by this point. I still remembered my stepdad spanking me a year ago, and that changed me a bit. I knew that a spanking from him was now an option, and that

I grew up in a small Indiana town. It was just my mom and my brother, who was a year younger than myself. We had been alone since I was about five years old. My dad left my mom and us, and we hadn’t heard from him in years. When I was about twelve years old, my mom started dating a man who, after a year, became my stepdad. My mom had used little discipline on us. She threatened us with a paddle every once in a while, but she never followed through. So, after the time I was about