A friend of mine introduced me to your website earlier this year and I’ve enjoyed reading many of these spanking memories, so I’ve decided to share my own. My memories are not from childhood but from college during those years between childhood and adulthood. My spankings occurred from ages 18 to 20. Here are my spanking memories from my sorority days in the early 1970s. In those days every sorority used the paddle, either in initiation and/or as punishment. I don’t know if any sorority still paddles today (some do: ed), but any former sister who graduated from college before 1990 who says

I own a used car sales business that does ‘on the lot’ financing. This means the customer comes to us to pay their car loan either weekly or monthly. I had three women working in my office; Tammy, who was full time, and Crystal and Jennifer who were both part time. Crystal and Jennifer worked alternating schedules.  We are from a very small town and everyone knows everyone. I had known all three of my employees the biggest part of my life. In my business, there was a huge amount of cash flow. Over time I started to suspect money was missing. I had a

I remember my years at primary school in Devon in the 70s and listening to fellow pupils talking about the cane. Both boys and girls were subject to it and on more than one occasion I witnessed a teacher thrash both girls and boys on the bottom in front of the class with a slipper, ruler and a cane. This was done over trousers and skirts but bending over touching toes. There would usually be 4 or 5 strokes at most with the cane or ruler, and possibly double that with a slipper. The sense of fascination and excitement as the