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April 12th, 2019

A boy’s first school spanking

I was six years old when I received my first corporal punishment at school. It was in 1958 and it occurred at my infants school. I was being disruptive and a general nuisance during a class, and I was warned several times by the teacher, Mrs C, about my behaviour. I did not take notice and eventually she sent me to stand in the corner.

However, I still would not behave and kept talking to my friends. Mrs C was a kind lady and warned me once again, which I ignored. Finally, she told the class to behave and grabbed me by the arm. She almost dragged me down the corridor to the Headmistress’s office. She knocked and was told to enter. Mrs C told the Headmistress, Miss J, what I had done. Miss J told Mrs C to return to her class and she would deal with me. I was now a very frightened little boy.

I had heard what happened when Miss J dealt with naughty pupils and knew it was not going to be nice. One of my friends had been given a sound spanking earlier in the year and had told me all about it.

Miss J started by lecturing me, before placing a chair in the middle of the room. She sat on the chair and told me to come to her. I knew what was coming and started crying. When I was next to her, Miss J grabbed me and, before I knew it, I was over her knees. I wriggled, but she had a firm hold on me with one arm. She expertly pulled my shorts and pants down, leaving my bare bottom on display. She soon started smacking my bottom very hard.