Following ‘Fair or not’, The Music Master and Actual CP Experience, the following are additional thoughts about the four punishments that I received in senior school. To briefly recap, I was caned by the Headmaster, having been caught smoking, I was caned by the music master together with two others with trousers lowered, I was whacked by the PE master with his plimsoll with my shorts lowered and severely caned again by the music master on the bare bottom. There are two additional aspects that I wanted to share. The first is anticipation. Two of my punishments were spontaneous in

The question was asked about whether Corporal Punishment dealt out to us during our school years was fair or not. Apart from a few trips to the front of the class in prep school to bend over in front of the whole class for a few whacks with the slipper across my bottom, I received four punishments during my senior school years. These are detailed in my account; ‘Actual CP Experience,’ with further detail in; ‘The Music Master’. As a brief recap, the first punishment I received was a six-of-the-best from the Headmaster having been caught smoking. We all knew