This is the story of my second and final strapping at senior school in Edinburgh. I was 16 at the time. With my friends Mona and Rowena, I decided to try my hand at smoking. I slipped off and purchased a packet from a local shop and hid them in my bag until lunchtime. At lunchtime we all met up and sneaked to the rear of the boiler house. We all lit up and were smoking away when we heard a noise from the side of the boiler room. Before we could hide the cigarettes a teacher called Miss Quinn

My name is Lorna and I went to school in Edinburgh in the 1950s and 1960s. This was the era of the Lochgelly Tawse but luckily I managed to avoid it until my final year at senior school at age 16. My first meeting with the Tawse (or strap as we called it) was in a History lesson with Mrs Macdonald as the teacher. She had been at the school for many years and I knew many boys who had felt her strap. She rarely used it on the girls, thankfully. The lesson was going well and I frequently chatted

My final school caning was in the fifth year at the age of 16. It was only a couple of weeks before the end of the school year and I had taken part in the school play. We had been invited to perform in a local village hall. We arrived and were generally very excited. Some of the pupils brought some alcohol with them and some were smoking. The upshot was that most of the cast had some drink and the play was a disaster. The next day we were all told to wait back after assembly. The 3 teachers

My fourth grammar school caning occurred in the fourth form at age 15, keeping up my record of a caning every year. This caning was however very different and by far the most humiliating. Some friends and I had decided to play a game which would be considered very sexist now. The three of us decided to wolf whistle at some of the lady teachers once per day until two of us had been caught, leaving the other boy as the winner. It did not take long before the first of my friends got caught and got six of the

My third grammar school caning was in a form lesson when I argued with another boy. I was 14 at the time. My form mistress, Mrs MS, ordered us to the front of the class. Mrs MS was well known as a disciplinarian and was in her fifties. She had grey short hair and was wearing a loose grey top, long grey skirt and grey flat shoes. She asked us what we were doing and we merely apologised. She stood up and walked to the back of the room. She opened the cupboard and returned carrying a crook handled cane

My second caning was in the second year at the age of thirteen. My school uniform had changed now and I was wearing long trousers rather than my shorts in the previous years. I felt invincible and much more grown up. I loved sports and so frequently dodged my homework. I usually got away with it or got a detention at worst. It was in a History lesson taught by Miss JM. She was a young teacher in her first year at the school. She was in her early twenties, petite, blond wavy hair and wearing a tight fitting blue

After my two canings in junior school I went to grammar school and I got caned six times in five years. This is the account of my first caning there. I was cheeky to a teacher, Miss JB. She was a trainee teacher and in her early twenties, with dark wavy hair that was in fashion, white blouse, black coat and skirt with black high heeled shoes. This was quite common in this school at the time. It was in the first term of my first year and I was twelve years old. Miss JB told us to copy some

In grammar school I managed to avoid the cane until my third year. I was 14 years old when I first visited the headmistress. It was in 1966 and the headmistress was Mrs Moody. She was a fearsome looking lady, big build, in her late 40’s with brown hair in a bun and always wore a black skirt, white blouse and chunky heeled shoes. Only two staff were allowed to administer the cane, Mrs Moody and her deputy, Mr Harding. However Mr Harding only caned pupils if Mrs Moody was absent. Some offences carried an instant caning but usually canings

A First Caning I was nine years old when I received my first school caning in 1961. I had received the ruler and slipper a couple of times but never the cane. In my primary school naughty or disruptive pupils were sent to stand in the corner of the classroom or outside the door until the end of the lesson. Normally the class teacher would then punish you at the end of the lesson, sometimes a lecture, sometimes the ruler and occasionally the slipper. However the deputy headmistress Miss Hawkins used to walk around the school a couple of times