My third and fourth canings in the third year came in English lessons being taught by Mrs F. I was 14 at the time and now aware of the female form. Mrs F was short, slim and curvy, in her 50s, greying hair and wearing a smart dark blue polo necked top which showed her attributes, dark blue skirt and dark blue high heeled shoes. Mrs F collected in our homework before telling us to read some chapters of a book. I did not understand the book and asked the girl next to me for help. Mrs F heard me

My final caning in the fourth year was in the last week of the school year. I was 15 and demob happy, looking forward to the school holidays. We were on a trip to London and not in school uniform visiting a museum. I was now fully appreciating the beauty of ladies and there were plenty in London. I was in a group and saw a lovely lady nearby. She was in her 20s at a guess and wearing a mini skirt and tight fitting top. I made some comments about her body to a friend, deliberately loud enough for

My second caning in the third year came just before Easter. I got a detention for forgetting my text book in a geography class. I attended the next evening and the teacher in charge was Miss W. She was in her 30s and a PE Mistress who played hockey at county level. She was wearing her sports gear of short skirt and polo type top. Her ginger hair was short and practical for a sports person. There were four of us in detention and Miss W got us writing lines. I got distracted by a rugby match on the field

After a very painful second year I vowed to behave better in the third year. It started out well but just before Christmas it went all wrong. I was 14 by now and beginning to notice girls and their effect on me. I was in a Latin lesson being taught by Miss H. She was tall and slim, long black hair, black spectacles, in her 20’s, and liked wearing long tight dresses with black high heeled shoes. During the lesson one of the girls was called to the front of the class for misbehaving. She was given a detention and

My fourth caning of the second year was in a chemistry lesson being taught by Mr B. He was in his 50s and a stickler for safety. During the lesson I was mucking around and spilt some acid. Mr B noticed immediately and told me to clean it up. He also told me how to do so safely. When I had completed the clean up he told me I should not be mucking around in a chemistry lab and I was to be punished for it. He told me to remove my lab coat and report to the office for

My third caning of the second year was in a music lesson with Mrs G. This was the lady who I had knocked over in the corridor who now seemed to find any reason to punish me. Luckily for me, she only taught music. Mrs G had us practicing hymns and after some time she told us we had finished. Like an idiot I slammed by hymn book closed very loudly. She looked up from the piano and demanded to know who did it. I admitted it as everyone else was looking at me. Mrs G told me to report

In the second year at grammar school I got my first canings from men teachers. It may sound surprising that I had not been caned by them before but the majority of my teachers were ladies. However that changed quickly in the first term. I was 13 at the time and was running along a corridor. I ran into a lady teacher, Mrs G, and knocked her over. She was furious and marched me to the deputy head. I was not taken to the Headmaster because he was on long term sick leave. The deputy, Mr L, listened to Mrs

I attended a primary school in the south of England between 1959 and 1963. It was a strict school and the cane was used regularly. During my four years there I felt the cane on three occasions and the ruler four times. My first time was with a wooden 12 inch ruler and I got one whack on each hand for misbehaving from my class teacher, Mr R. This was in my first year. In the second year I moved into a class taught by Mrs H. She gave me one whack with her wooden ruler on each hand on

My third caning at grammar school was in the spring term of my first year. I was 12 at the time. This was an era when the cane ruled supreme and my grammar school was very strict. It was a maths lesson and the teacher was Mrs T. She was recently married, in her 20’s, very petite with curly blond hair. She was formally dressed in a red tight fitting dress with red high heeled shoes. She had announced that we were to have a test and turned the board round to reveal ten questions. We all started writing but

It was in the fourth year at grammar school that I got my only Headmaster’s caning. I was 15 at the time. I had managed to avoid a visit to him more by luck than judgement. I had already got a couple of detentions earlier in the term and was late for school one morning. I was caught by one of the teachers who awarded me my third detention of the term. I knew this was going to result in a caning under the ‘three detentions in a term’ rule. Sure enough, the next morning at assembly, my name was