I went to two Comprehensive Schools, the first one was in Denmark Hill, London. I was there for 2 years until my family moved and then I went to another Comprehensive in Abbey Wood, London for the remainder of my school life. The first was a large all boys school and I cannot in all honesty say that I liked the school. It was too big and there was a lot of bulling, although not much for me, thank goodness. Discipline was reasonably strict and boys would be often sent to the deputy headmaster but not always caned, as in

I went to primary school just off the Old Kent Road in London in the 1950s and whilst corporal punishment was a part of school life in those days, I actually had only few experiences of it. The first one was when I was quite young, about 6 or 7 years old. Mrs Drabble was our teacher and I must have done something to disappoint her (cannot remember what) and she called me out to the front of class. I was wearing the usual school outfit, short trousers, shirt and jumper. When I stood by her, she pulled me over