This happened when I was 14 years old. I used to play football and other games with two brothers who lived quite close by. I had known them since the age of 10, and we used to play a lot together, especially in the summer holidays when this incident took place. I should also mention that their mother was a very strict lady, always very pleasant to me, but she never hesitated to punish the boys if they did anything wrong. I found her a bit scary and tended to shy away from her. One summer afternoon, we were playing football

I would like to tell you this story as it is the only time in my childhood that I was punished by my parents severely. My sister and I were outside playing during summertime with other kids when I suddenly thought It would be funny to pull my 14-year-old sister’s shorts down, so I crept up behind her and pulled down her shorts, leaving her showing her briefs to everyone. She screamed, pulled up her shorts and ran in and told mum. I was immediately called indoors and told to go to my bedroom. Five minutes later mum came into my