Time passes so quickly. Some time ago I shared my interest in spanking with the readers of these pages. Then, after a house move, a necessary change in the direction of my life, followed by this, that and the other, my last spanking was a good three years ago. A bit more, probably. Make that four. I knew the domme I visited was thinking about retiring and, having no reason to contact her, matters just dwindled away and in any case my life had become filled with other and considerably more urgent priorities. My work life had already had to

None of this ‘special, but secret’ part of my life makes a lot of sense, I know. I am a single woman, in my mid 30s and so at the time of life when the search for a man can be at its most frantic. I also have a very good, very well paid job that I genuinely enjoy; quite frankly I love it. I am still decent looking; I have quite a good figure (careful diet, gym at least twice a week without fail). I dress well (I have to for my job) and even though I say it