At my Junior School in the English Midlands, at around the mid-1960s, punishments by the predominately female teachers involved slapping of the wrists or legs. Serious offences would result in the cane, administered by the Headmaster, Mr P, a tall, authoritarian gentleman around 60-years-old who always wore a grey suit, and, although not the terrifying character so associated with head teachers of that era, he certainly instilled a certain amount of fear and commanded respect. Caning involved two strokes across the palm of the hand, always in the privacy of his office. A notable deviation from this came when I

My experience takes me back to 1970, as a 13-year-old in the early days at a boys secondary school in the English Midlands. Discipline was generally carried out by individual teachers to address any misbehaviour in class, and normally involved being called to the front of the class, ordered to touch toes, and given a single hefty whack with a gym pump, known among all pupils as ‘Getting the Whack’. More general or serious offences involved a visit to the Deputy Headmaster, where, ironically, punishments were along the lines of the above single whack, sometimes two, so not that much