It was the last day of the reign of Miss Brown as headmistress of my all-girls school. She was retiring, to be replaced by Mrs Fothergill in the new school year. The day was hot and sticky, and we were getting restless for the end of school, which traditionally was at lunchtime on the final day. Miss Brown was being thrown a party by the governors and staff, and she was to be presented with a beautiful grandfather clock which we had been invited to contribute towards. Finally, I had had enough and sneaked out of class. I had a glass

I was in the 3rd year at an all-girls school. Being a private school, the discipline regime was strict to encourage the girls to behave and perform to their best. I had suffered a run of sanctions for missing the handing-in of homework. I had actually done the work; I was just forgetful at having it with me at the appropriate time. A couple of tellings-off were followed by a trip over Mrs J’s knee, which was my first school spanking. This was a wake-up call supposedly, but in all honesty having my bottom spanked really didn’t change a great deal. So much so,

It was the Monday afternoon of the last week before Christmas break in the late 1970s.  By tradition, although not formally linked to any church, we had an annual advent service at the local Catholic Church, St Mary’s, which was only a stone’s throw from the school gates. The whole school would attend, the first years at the front and sixth formers at the back. Some of the singing was OK, but most of us still found it a chore as it was the same each year. Three of us were together in row; Mary and Trish, like me, would

Autumn term for the upper sixth form, and the exams were only a few months away. The teachers were getting stricter on behaviour as we couldn’t afford to waste time messing about, so they said. Detentions, especially, were far more common now than in the lower sixth. Usually they were a sharp reminder given in class or following a trip to the headmistress. History was a very popular class and there were around 25 of us doing A level. We were a selective school, so everyone was very able, but one girl, Tammy, stood out head and shoulders above everyone else. In her

Two friends spanked in the woods by a dog walker A long time ago, when we were either 8 or 9 years old, Pat (Patricia) and I were very good friends and spent a lot of time playing in the local park or the thick woods that backed onto it. It was the summer school holidays and by mid-August we were running out of things to do. On this especially warm day, we sought relief from the heat in the woods. We both had our wellies on as, although it was almost 30 degrees in the park, a summer storm had passed through the

I had been working as one of the secretarial staff at the school for three years. I was a former pupil and had left the summer after the current headmistress, Miss Janet Fothergill, had taken over from Miss Brown. That had left plenty of time for me to feel the hand and slipper of the new headmistress on my bottom before I left. Having struggled to find a better job after leaving university, I was successful in getting a job at my old school as a secretary. It was strange going back, but oddly Miss Fothergill and I got on well, possibly because I

I attended a small fee-paying primary school in the early 1970s. All the teachers were older women. For a 7 or 8 year old that, of course, meant anything over 35! The headmistress, Mrs Ashcroft, was the only one who was allowed to cane, but I am not sure it was ever used. Certainly, no one ever owned up to having received it. She did employ, as most teachers of this era did, a slipper when the need was there, but generally she was a hand spanker.  Her favoured position was the child bending over the back of a small chair with her

Growing up in the 1970s and 1980s, a clip round the ear for some misdeed was not out of the ordinary and would certainly not have been reported back to your parents. One such encounter happened in 1979. I was in the local corner shop goofing around as most 15 year olds do. “Excuse me, can you not do that please,” said Mrs Dobbs the shop keeper, as I was picking up and putting back sweets into my pick-and-mix bag. “If you are not going to buy a sweet, don’t pick it up; other people don’t want your germs on their

A few weeks ago, the first part of my memories of school spankings was published on this site and I was asked if I had any further examples. Here, some of the most notorious girls and their punishments are remembered. All first names are real, but I have not disclosed any surnames, or the schools name or location, to protect those mentioned. Teacher’s names have been changed for the same reason. The school was a fee-paying day school with a very strict discipline policy supported by the parents and as such had excellent academic achievements. Annette: Annette was a high achiever and was always at the

Oh yes, all of my friends stared at the headmistress’s carpet as they awaited on more than one occasion for the spanking to begin. All were for genuine rule breaches but one wonders would they have earned a spanking in another school, or just lines and detention? Who knows. Here are some examples to prove my point. As I say, all were rule breaches. Mandy: She was spanked on many occasions. She was often late and so was a frequent attendee on a Friday afternoon when minor offences were dealt with. Usually it was over the knee, skirt up and use of the hand, but on a couple