It was a hot, late summer’s Saturday evening. I was about 14 at the time and full of spots and hormones. Lucy, by contrast, was a goddess, or she was to all the lads on the street. At 18-years-old, almost 6 feet tall, slim, short blond hair and legs that seemed to go on forever. I was lucky, she lived next door and I often got to see her sunbathing with her girlfriends in the garden. It was an evening like any other, well up until about 9.00 pm, just as it was going dark. Mum was out with a friend across the road, but

Mum had been on my case all morning before she went to work. Tidy your room, wash your breakfast things, comb your hair. I am sure you remember being 16 and in the school holidays. The last thing you wanted to do was, well, anything really. It was the Easter break and after school went back it would be solid exam work so I wanted down time. Fortunately, my pesky sister, April, was away on a girl guides camp or something, so once mum had gone to work I could just chill and do nothing. I did venture out for a game of football in the

My sister, April, and I had been arguing with each other, hammer and tongues, all afternoon. I am not sure why now, to be honest. We had been to the shopping centre with mum in the afternoon and she was at her wits end with us. Finally in the car, she stopped and turned around to us in the back seat, warning us that if we did not calm down we would be for it. Whilst mum didn’t spank us often, she was rather good at it when she did, and the threat cooled matters for an hour or two. However, the peace did not last and,

Some years ago, mum took my sister, April, and I to the Lake District one summer for a week’s camping holiday. Cash was tight and this was a great way of getting away reasonably cheaply. I was really up for the adventure. We arrived mid-afternoon one Saturday and the traffic, remarkably, had not been too bad until the last few miles. We were staying on a small camping site about a half mile from Coniston. We had brought a blow up dinghy, swimming gear and a few other things to keep us amused, or so mum hoped. We pitched the family-sized tent, which we had

This was told to me by a long-time friend, Bernice, who was happy for me to retell this for her on this platform. Only names have been changed from the original telling. It was late summer and the schools were on holiday. Bernice, her sister, Toni, and her mother were away for the day at the seaside. The breeze was gentle and just enough to take the edge off the hot sun. Small puffs of cloud slowly drifted across the sky giving occasional shade from the glaring sun. All in all, a quintessentially British summer’s day. They set off early, parked up easily, and selected a

Many years ago, I was invited to go away for a long weekend with my friend, David, who, like me, was about 13 or 14 at the time, his mum (his dad was away for work for a couple of weeks) and his older sister, Donna, who was 18 or 19 at the time. We had gone to a thatched cottage in Norfolk, quite idyllic looking back on it. Set in between several large fields with small wooded areas and hedgerows, it was quite a place for adventure, which was why David had asked if I could come. He was resourceful but would have become

I was 14 and my older sister 17 or 18 when this occurred. To this day, I have never mentioned it to her. She would have died of embarrassment at the time, and later there seemed little point. After all, she was no stranger to mum’s lap, and was spanked a couple of times a month for one thing or another. Mum was very fair, but used her hand on our bums when it was required. She always spanked us in her bedroom so no one else would see, or so she thought! On this particular day, I came in after going to the park

It was a hot summer’s day during the school holidays. My sister Pat and me were having a day with our cousin Avril and our aunty Gillian in a local country park. All three of us were about the same age, 15 or 16, and we had all taken our bikes to let off some steam, despite the heat that day. Aunty Gillian set up a fold-away picnic table and chairs next to her camper van and sat in its shade reading her latest crime thriller which she seemed to digest with alarming speed. On what must have been our third or fourth

My name is Tom, and when I was 17 my sister talked me into picking some lovely cherries from Mrs Nelson’s cherry orchard. That may seem like a lot of trees but she supplied cherries to a local brewer who made a seasonal cherry beer. This was against my better judgement as my oldest sister, Maggie, and Mrs Nelson’s youngest daughter, Pat, had stripped two of her 60+ trees about 8 seasons ago and both ended up getting the spanking of a lifetime. My sister, Tracey, then aged 18, begged me to help as she had been dared to do this at school. After about