Four months after I had first been caned by Mrs Joss, I made a second visit to her office. The great school fruit fight was the reason for my second visit and, unlike my first visit, over ten others were sent to see our Headmistress for the same offence. The fruit fight started at recess, I don’t remember how it started but certainly a boy threw some fruit at another boy and it had quickly escalated. I was guilty of throwing a softened apple (you softened an apple by lightly tapping it against a hard surface. I had thrown my

My first dose of the cane came in 1966. I was a ten year old boy and realized that I had pushed my fourth grade teacher, Miss Kamer, too far when she told me to stand up. I watched her write a note and order me to the front of the classroom where I was promptly told to see our Headmistress, Mrs Joss. Boys were more likely to receive the cane than girls but I did know of a couple girls (including my older sister who visited Mrs Joss and left her office in a good deal of pain. I’d