This is Trina. I imagine that most of the memories of a bare-bottom paddling at school are fictional, but this one actually happened to me when I was in 11th grade. I remember it vividly so have been able to recreate it in some detail with the help of my husband Tony, who is a writer. My high school had an award-winning choir that competed against other schools and went to the state choir competition every year, winning in my freshman and senior years. It was a very large choir, about 160 students, and you had to audition to get in.

I went to a primary school back in the day when each teacher was allowed to have his or her own paddle. Typically, the students were punished out in the hall fully dressed, but one time when I was in third grade I was paddled over my panties in front of the whole class. I will never forget our third-grade teacher’s name: Miss B. She looked like she drank a whole lot of beer, she was huge. She was quite strict and with no sense of humor. Every week at least one kid, almost always a boy, got a paddling

Living in a small town in central Indiana during the early 1960s, with strict religious parents, can be rather difficult for kids like myself who have identified as a nudist from early childhood. As long as I can remember, I have loved to be naked and was naked at every opportunity, and that’s why I loved to go to grandma’s house; she let us run naked all the time, but at home, in my family, nudity was strictly prohibited. Getting caught, even in my own room, meant a paddling which would likely be on my bare bottom. Sometimes I received