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May 22nd, 2019

Snowball spanking

When I was about 10, we had a winter of snow which lasted a long time into April and where we all got used to throwing snowballs at school. Most teachers didn’t mind kids being kids, but they did object to being the target as I found one day to my cost.

We were throwing snowballs before school when the whistle went as the teacher on duty came into the playground to line us up. Now my friend just caught me a good one with a snowball as the whistle went, so I decided to re-pay in kind. So I grabbed some snow and threw it with all my might.
Unfortunately I didn’t notice the teacher had strode into the way, and the snowball, to my horror, hit her straight in the neck. It was certainly the best shot I ever had with a snowball in my young life, but the target was unfortunate.

Sadly, the teacher did not appear to have much sense of humour at the incident and, ignoring my mumbled apologies, she told me to stand with my face to the wall, hands on head.

I did this as the teacher got everyone else lined up and, after an exhortation to stop throwing snowballs when the whistle went, got the pupils marching into school. I wondered what fate waited me. Would I be sent to the head for my crime? I was not long finding out as the teacher, obviously most annoyed, told me to take my coat off and report to her in the hallway.

May 15th, 2019

A girl slippered in school

When we were teens at school, there was a bit of a rise in talk of students’ rights in the media. Anyway, one of my friends, Carol, had been reported to our form teacher for wearing a skirt far too short. She had had at least one warning already, to my knowledge, and continual offending usually meant a meeting between our form teacher’s slipper and the offender’s bottom. Things were not improved for Carol by the knowledge that this lady could really sting your bottom.

Carol said to us, “It’s not fair! We should be allowed to wear our skirts how we like. Who are they to tell us what to do? I’m going to really tell Miss Phipps that we have our rights!”

We all admired Carol’s guts, but all said that such talk might make matters worse not better with Miss Phipps, who was strict but fair. I got on quite well with her in spite of the fact I’d collected more than one hot bum off her, courtesy of her slipper.

But Carol would not be dissuaded, and went off to see Miss Phipps in high dudgeon.

At the end of break, we were waiting to go into the class when along came Carol looking red-faced and teary-eyed, and walking somewhat stiffly. We all had to suppress a grin.

April 29th, 2019

A ‘good’ girl gets the slipper

For those of us who were regulars at bending over to get whacks with the slipper, it was always encouraging and somewhat amusing when a ‘good girl’ got it.

Like one occasion it happened to one ‘model’ pupil in our class. If we were a bit slow changing after gym, the gym mistress would sometimes hurry us up by announcing that the last one out would get the slipper. I particularly remember when Sandra, who was very brainy and a real top dog in the class, was unaccountably last. She looked really shocked when she was told she had to bend over for a whack with the slipper. I don’t think she could believe it because she was never usually in trouble.

However, bend over she had to in the presence of those of us who were collecting our things outside the changing room. We watched interestedly as she got a right stinging whack on her shapely bottom which caused her to yell and clutch her bum. But although obviously discomforted, she took i6t like a real sport and was able to raise a smile on her very red face as she walked off rubbing her behind.

“Wow! That didn’t half sting!” she was heard to mutter.

April 24th, 2019

American holiday spankings

When I was about 16 my parents took me and my two younger sisters to visit our cousins in America. Transatlantic crossings were not as plentiful as today but my father managed to wangle some tickets for us all via his business interests. The idea was that part of the time we should stay with our aunt and uncle (and our cousins) for a week while mum and dad attended a business conference. Then mum and dad would join us for the rest of the time.

When we got there we were delighted to see our cousins, two girls of nearly our age and a younger boy. Aunt and uncle informed us we will be staying in a chalet next to a lake where we could swim, which seemed great as the weather was lovely. So mum and dad set off for the business conference while we went to the chalet with aunt and uncle and cousins.

We had a great time and met some boys who were staying nearby. It was fun, although very innocent by today’s standards. However, on about the third day the boys invited us to come for a midnight swim. This seemed to my older cousin and me too good an opportunity to miss, but of course our younger sisters wanted to come in on it too. We left out our boy cousin as he was sleeping with his parents anyway. So that night after aunt and uncle were asleep, we five girls slipped out in our bikinis at midnight to meet the boys for a midnight swim.

April 18th, 2019

A spanking interrupted by the phone

When one of us girls had earned a spanking at home, mum used to take us into the dining room, pull up a chair and sit on it, then lecture us before putting us over her knee. She would then adjust our clothing to make sure the spanking had maximum effect. The room would then reverberate to a mixture of smacks and yells until mum felt that our bottoms had paid the penalty for our misdeeds. We always had an awful sinking feeling when we entered the room knowing that, when we emerged, we would be very sorry young ladies with bottoms that felt as though they had sat on a bonfire!

Now, the thing about the room was that the phone was there. I don’t know why it was plugged into the dining room, but that’s the way it happened. So, there were a few incidents when the phone intervened, just before we were due to get our spanking.

When I was about 14, I was once over her knee, eyes firmly on the carpet and skirting board, bare bum high in the air awaiting the descent of the slipper, when the phone rang.

Mum picked up the phone but kept me over her knee, affectionately patting my bottom as she said, “Yes! I see. I think so. OK, we’ll do that then.”

April 12th, 2019

School bus spanking

When I was about 12, we were on a coach coming back from a school trip. We had had a lovely day, but the journey home seemed very long. The girls were getting a bit bored and restive, and our form mistress, who we adored but was strict, had told us to keep our seats several times. There were no seat belts in those days. She finally ran out of patience when I stood up and crossed the aisle of the coach to talk to a friend. I suddenly heard my name called.

“W, come here!”

I went to the back seat of the coach where she was sitting and got told off for not keeping my seat. I thought that would be it but, to my horror, she decided to make an example of me, no doubt to deter others.

“You’ve had enough warnings, young lady, so now get over my knee!” She said with authority.

Miss then made me lie over her knee, pulled my skirt up and smacked my bum hard several times. She was young and very athletic so she made every smack count as I yelped. The sounds of the smacks and yelps brought the spanking to the attention of other girls who looked round with amused grins on their faces.

April 2nd, 2019

Girl spanked at school

I can remember getting my first kiss from a boy when I was about seven or eight years old. I was walking home rather slowly as I had just been spanked by my teacher very soundly and my bottom was really sore. She had had enough of me that Friday afternoon and, when I had made another silly remark, she put me in the corner. It was called the Naughty Corner, and  children who were put in there generally got a spanking.

I might have got away with it had not the previous week the teacher come in with a new hairstyle  which she obviously thought did something for her. On that occasion I had made the memorable remark, “It doesn’t suit you, Miss!”

I thought I was just telling the truth but the teacher was quite upset and I was hauled out the front to be told what a rude little girl I was and given a couple of smacks on the bum to impress the point on me.

In view of the previous confrontation with the teacher my chances of getting away without a sore bum this time were very slim. Sure enough, after the lesson finished and she had dismissed the class, the teacher called me to stand in front of her and gave me a right telling-off which brought tears to my eyes. She then put me over her knee and flipped my skirt up for a meeting between her hand and my rear. She was quite young and athletic and smacked hard for the next minute or so, at the end of which I was yelling.

March 27th, 2019

School dinner spanking

I was full of mischief as a kid. One day during school dinners, I decided to play a trick on one of the boys on my table by unscrewing the saltcellar top and handing it to him.

“Do you want the salt?” I asked him.

He took it and shook it and the top came off and emptied salt all over his dinner. I laughed at the look at the dismay on his face and everyone at the table seemed to join in. However, I didn’t realise the prank had been watched by one of the dinner ladies. The next thing I knew was a tug on my ear as she lifted me off my seat and wagged her finger in my face. She then kept hold of my ear as she took me to the teacher on duty, who wasn’t amused by what I had done.

To show her displeasure, she put me over her knee, raised my skirt and gave my bum several good smacks with her hand. She was actually quite young and very athletic, and the smacks really hurt, as she intended them to, of course. These were the good old days. I returned to my seat with a stinging bottom and a red face to finish my dinner. My erstwhile victim was now grinning hugely at my discomfort as I wriggled on my seat.

March 15th, 2019

A girl spanked over teacher’s knee

As many of my teachers in primary school had been in the army, they had little time for our childish naughtiness. They were good teachers but justice tended to be somewhat summary with them. As I found out when I made some cheeky remark to one teacher which I thought was very clever and which would make the class laugh. He was quite a jolly man but that afternoon he was not amused.

“Come out here, young lady!” he commanded.

I obeyed, noting with consternation him drawing up his chair and sitting on it. He usually did this when about to dish out a smacked bottom.

“Now bend over my knee!” he said as I reached the front of the class.

I complied with the order, getting an amazing view of the floor and knowing the class had an amazing view of my upturned bottom.


“Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!”  was my response as the hard hand came into contact with my soft bottom four times, causing the tears to come to my eyes and flow down my cheeks.

I stood up and tearily rubbed my poor bum, which felt superheated.

“Now go back to your place and behave yourself,” said the teacher.

I went back to my place with a stinging bottom, which stung even more as I sat on the hard, unyielding chair. I noticed many of the class, especially the boys, grinning. I put my head on the desk for a few minutes before the teacher told me to sit up. My little joke had fallen flat, but I had provided the class with some unexpected entertainment for the afternoon. Sadly, it was at the expense of my poor little bottom.

March 11th, 2019

Girl spanked by boyfriend

When I was about 16 I dated a rather nice boy who I’ll call Max. I really liked him but unfortunately I found out he started smoking along with some friends of his. Apparently they thought it was cool. One day we were having a walk. The weather was hot and I was in my short shorts which he found very fetching. We stopped to rest for a few minutes and he tried to light a cigarette. I told him not to do that because smoking is bad for you and blew the match out. He lit another one but I blew that out too.

Finally he said, “Jenny, if you do that again I’ll put you across my knee and spank you.”

Of course, as a hot blooded and defiant teenager I saw this as a challenge. I didn’t know whether it would be right then and there, but spanking or no spanking I was going to blow the match out.

He duly lit another one and I duly blew it out, at which point he grabbed me, put me over his knee and gave me 12 very firm smacks on the back of my shorts. I squealed and wriggled over his knee as he slowly spanked away, but he made sure that each smack had its full effect. I was also just hoping no one was coming down the path to observe the youthful high spirits.