One of the things about secondary school when I first attended was that, being run on something like public school lines, there was an unwritten rule that prefects could spank the girls in younger classes of years one and two, instead of giving 50 or 100 lines, which was the usual procedure. The prefects were in their last year at school, and were tall elegant girls who were only too keen to exert their authority. So, the chance of a smacked bum from an 18 year old hand was a real possibility. Most prefects would just give a girl a

I remember when I was about 15, if the weather was cold, instead of going outside at school we used to hide in the broom cupboard next to the gym. There were some pipes in there and it was nice and warm. This particular day, my friend, Susie, and me had gone in with a girl who was quite new to the school called Annette. She was a good girl and wouldn’t normally have done this sort of thing, but we naughty girls persuaded her as the staff would have all been in the staff room at the time. Unfortunately,

When I was in the sixth form at school, we had a girl named Marilyn join us. She was a pretty large girl, the daughter of a local scrap dealer who had made a fortune and had sent his girl to a better school ‘to get ‘er educated, like,’ or so he said. It was rumoured he could hardly read or write but he could sure make money and he wanted his girl to have what he never had. I got on well with her and we became quite good friends. Unlike some of the girls, I was no snob

When I was at primary school I had my bum smacked quite regularly, not just because I was naughty but because I always seemed to get caught. Like the time during one wet break I was chasing a boy round the classroom and the duty teacher happened to come in and see me running in front of the class, while the boy had managed to slip into his place so wasn’t caught. The teacher sent me to the corner while she lectured the class about the amount of noise coming from there. Then as an example as to what would

The fourth caning I got at school was during my fifth year of secondary school. I know I had received a detention for some reason or the other; to be honest I’ve forgotten what I got it for, but the consequences were dire. The problem was that one of the girls had a birthday and being one of her friends I was invited with some of the girls to the local café after school for tea and cakes. Now  that might not sound much these days when eating out is quite common, but in those days it was quite a

I remember a somewhat painful experience I had with mum’s hand and slipper when I was a somewhat obnoxious teenager. The weather was hot so I had shorts on and I had been out with friends. Unfortunately, I lost track of the time and came home late, much to mum’s displeasure. I didn’t help matters by showing typical teen ‘attitude’ and mouthing-off to mum when she started to tell me off. I had been pushing the envelope quite a bit and really pushed it too far that time. She grabbed me by the ear and led me into the living room to a

When I was about 10, we had a winter of snow which lasted a long time into April and where we all got used to throwing snowballs at school. Most teachers didn’t mind kids being kids, but they did object to being the target as I found one day to my cost. We were throwing snowballs before school when the whistle went as the teacher on duty came into the playground to line us up. Now my friend just caught me a good one with a snowball as the whistle went, so I decided to re-pay in kind. So I grabbed

When we were teens at school, there was a bit of a rise in talk of students’ rights in the media. Anyway, one of my friends, Carol, had been reported to our form teacher for wearing a skirt far too short. She had had at least one warning already, to my knowledge, and continual offending usually meant a meeting between our form teacher’s slipper and the offender’s bottom. Things were not improved for Carol by the knowledge that this lady could really sting your bottom. Carol said to us, “It’s not fair! We should be allowed to wear our skirts how

For those of us who were regulars at bending over to get whacks with the slipper, it was always encouraging and somewhat amusing when a ‘good girl’ got it. Like one occasion it happened to one ‘model’ pupil in our class. If we were a bit slow changing after gym, the gym mistress would sometimes hurry us up by announcing that the last one out would get the slipper. I particularly remember when Sandra, who was very brainy and a real top dog in the class, was unaccountably last. She looked really shocked when she was told she had to

When I was about 16 my parents took me and my two younger sisters to visit our cousins in America. Transatlantic crossings were not as plentiful as today but my father managed to wangle some tickets for us all via his business interests. The idea was that part of the time we should stay with our aunt and uncle (and our cousins) for a week while mum and dad attended a business conference. Then mum and dad would join us for the rest of the time. When we got there we were delighted to see our cousins, two girls of