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March 15th, 2019

A girl spanked over teacher’s knee

As many of my teachers in primary school had been in the army, they had little time for our childish naughtiness. They were good teachers but justice tended to be somewhat summary with them. As I found out when I made some cheeky remark to one teacher which I thought was very clever and which would make the class laugh. He was quite a jolly man but that afternoon he was not amused.

“Come out here, young lady!” he commanded.

I obeyed, noting with consternation him drawing up his chair and sitting on it. He usually did this when about to dish out a smacked bottom.

“Now bend over my knee!” he said as I reached the front of the class.

I complied with the order, getting an amazing view of the floor and knowing the class had an amazing view of my upturned bottom.


“Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!”  was my response as the hard hand came into contact with my soft bottom four times, causing the tears to come to my eyes and flow down my cheeks.

I stood up and tearily rubbed my poor bum, which felt superheated.

“Now go back to your place and behave yourself,” said the teacher.

I went back to my place with a stinging bottom, which stung even more as I sat on the hard, unyielding chair. I noticed many of the class, especially the boys, grinning. I put my head on the desk for a few minutes before the teacher told me to sit up. My little joke had fallen flat, but I had provided the class with some unexpected entertainment for the afternoon. Sadly, it was at the expense of my poor little bottom.

March 11th, 2019

Girl spanked by boyfriend

When I was about 16 I dated a rather nice boy who I’ll call Max. I really liked him but unfortunately I found out he started smoking along with some friends of his. Apparently they thought it was cool. One day we were having a walk. The weather was hot and I was in my short shorts which he found very fetching. We stopped to rest for a few minutes and he tried to light a cigarette. I told him not to do that because smoking is bad for you and blew the match out. He lit another one but I blew that out too.

Finally he said, “Jenny, if you do that again I’ll put you across my knee and spank you.”

Of course, as a hot blooded and defiant teenager I saw this as a challenge. I didn’t know whether it would be right then and there, but spanking or no spanking I was going to blow the match out.

He duly lit another one and I duly blew it out, at which point he grabbed me, put me over his knee and gave me 12 very firm smacks on the back of my shorts. I squealed and wriggled over his knee as he slowly spanked away, but he made sure that each smack had its full effect. I was also just hoping no one was coming down the path to observe the youthful high spirits.

March 3rd, 2019

Girls slippered in class

Our gym mistress was a right dab hand with the slipper; it was an old plimsoll, actually, that was kept for the purpose of whacking the bums of naughty girls. Being quite naughty myself, I was a recipient of its sting quite a number of times during my schooldays.

One such occasion was when we had to come in early from hockey due to the weather and Miss told us to change and sit quietly. She went out for something and when she came back there was quite a din which caused us to get a right telling off. Miss then told us we were to sit in silence for the remainder of the lesson, which was about 15 minutes. Anyone not so doing would get the slipper, which she had thoughtfully brought out as a visual aid.

Now you would have thought that a simple task. But not for certain teenage girls, me included. Three of us started whispering when we thought Miss wasn’t looking. Unfortunately, the lady’s antennae were well tuned that day and we were spotted.

“Out the front, you three!” snapped Miss, taking up the slipper. She pointed it at me: “Bend over and touch your toes!”

I obeyed and felt a resounding WHACK to the back of my skirt which caused me to yell. I returned to where I was sitting with a pained expression and heat spreading in my bottom.

February 24th, 2019

Primary school spankings

When I was in my last but one year at primary school I got caught talking in the morning assembly and was told to come out the front by the duty teacher. I had to stand at the front and, at the end of the assembly, the teacher told me to see her at break.

Knowing the teacher, I guessed this would probably mean a spanking so I left the assembly after everyone else with butterflies.

My worries I would be spanked came to fruition quicker than I anticipated as my own teacher had noticed my misbehaviour and wished to show me her disapproval that a member of her class had been talking in assembly. She also probably wanted to make me an example to the rest of the class. So, over her knee I went for a good smacked bottom, after which I spent 10 minutes in the corner and the rest of the lesson sitting on my sore bottom.

Unfortunately, I still had to see the duty teacher who appeared also prepared, if not keen, keen to wreak her own form of retribution on my bottom. I tried to tell her I’d already been spanked, but my pleading was cast aside and for the second time that morning I had a splendid view of the floor as I was once again bent over the teacher’s knee. By the time she finished, my bottom was on fire and I spent the rest of the day miserably sitting on it.

February 12th, 2019

Short skirts cause trouble

During my school days the miniskirt was very much in fashion and we enjoyed rolling our skirts up much shorter than they should have been. This usually resulted in a telling off from a teacher or sometimes even a detention. But one day the head decided she’d had enough of this foolery and warned us any girl she caught rolling her skirt would be made an example of. And this applied when travelling to and from school.

As uniform inspection was usually carried out as we either went into or came out of assembly we thought it was safe to roll our skirts on the way to school (partly to catch the eye of any boys from the boys’ school) and unroll them before registration. Unfortunately, this particular day the head made good her threat and stood at the school gate to inspect our uniforms. I was one of the unfortunates she spotted with a rolled skirt. She took my name and told me I would be dealt with.

I was worried what the next hour would bring and didn’t have to wait long. At the end of assembly the head read out a list of names and told us to come to the front. We went up with embarrassed looks on our faces. She then read the riot act to us and all the school, and said as we had been flagrantly disobeying what she had recently warned us about we would all get the cane. Our hearts dropped into our boots. I was worried she’d cane us there and then in front of the whole school but instead she ordered us to stand outside her office. We stood there anxiously while everyone came out and filed past us, some with smirks on their faces.

February 10th, 2019

Girl caned at school

Getting the cane at school was a hazard of school life. Even some of the generally well-behaved girls got it on occasions. I remember a really nice, studious girl called Pat. As far as I know, she was never in trouble like some of us were. She was quite a looker, even in her school uniform and her looks attracted the attention of some workmen at the school. Unfortunately, she made some rather ribald remark to them which was overheard by a bossy prefect who reported her to the head. So, although Pat never gotten into any trouble at school before, she found herself bending over the desk for three strokes of the cane across the backside. She was right upset about it and we thought it was a bit harsh, but that’s the way things were. And although we sympathised with her, some of us were maybe a little secretly pleased that even a good girl wasn’t exempt from getting her bum whacked.



January 25th, 2019

A silly prank gets a girl the cane

Once, during a lesson when the teacher was away sick and there appeared to be no cover, we were playing a game of dares. There was a flat roof just below the window of the classroom and some girl dared me to jump out the window and run along the roof below.

Unfortunately, I was stupid enough to do it, but before I could get back the substitute teacher arrived and I was caught and sent to the head. When I reached the dreaded office the head impressed on me, first how dangerous it was, and second how I could have damaged school property.

My heart sank as she told me that she should make an example of me and give me six of the best.She then took a cane out of the cupboard and told me to bend over the desk she had for the purpose. Terrified, I obeyed. She folded my skirt up and I felt the cane tap on my tight knickers. There was a slight pause and a swoosh as the cane came down, a momentary delay and then a searing pain in my bum cheeks which felt they had been branded with a hot iron. I didn’t make a noise because it hurt so much I couldn’t catch my breath but the second one produced a yell from me and by the time the third landed, the tears were flowing readily.

January 6th, 2019

A girl’s first experience of being caned

I remember the awful day I first got the cane at school when I was about 13. We had a very ineffective teacher who could not keep discipline, and four of us were passing round rude notes written in French about her; for example  “Elle est stupide, n’est pas?” during the lesson. Unfortunately the teacher discovered this and, being able to read French, at least at our level, she was most understandably upset.

She looked at us with real shock and then venom, and said, “Go to the headmistress immediately!”

We went to the dreaded office, trembling, and knocked on the door. Sadly the head was there and she asked us what we were there for, to which we gave a stuttering explanation. Now, she was very strict but a very fair lady and she told us to face the wall outside the office while she went to see the teacher.

We waited with our legs trembling and knees knocking. When she returned, she got us into her office and tore a strip off us while we trembled. She then looked at us severely and said, “I have talked to your teacher and I have no alternative but to cane all four of you. Your impertinence is disgraceful! If you were seniors I would give you six of the best each but I will reduce that to four as you are juniors.”

December 7th, 2018

Two girls are slippered

It was when I was about 14 or 15 that I formed a friendship with a pretty girl called Maria, who was quite new to the school. It was quite an unlikely one as she was a model pupil, the sort who seemed always to avoid detention or the slipper, unlike some of us who were rather naughtier. Unfortunately, I have to say that one time she got the slipper it was partly my fault.

We were having a rather boring lesson with the teacher droning on and on with this text, when we came to a bit in the text which seemed to be a bit rude, if you took it to have a double meaning. I whispered it to Maria who started to giggle, and that set me off giggling too.

The teacher told us to stop being silly, but we had really got the giggles and ended up by being sent out the room. Now the teacher concerned was pretty soft and we might have escaped punishment if our form teacher, Ms C, hadn’t happened to come down the corridor as we were standing outside the room.

She enquired what we were doing there and then went in to have a word with the teacher. When she emerged she told us to report to her at break. Ms C was a dab hand with the slipper and we rejoined the class rather more soberly. In fact Maria looked close to tears.

November 18th, 2018

Class slippering at secondary school

During my first year at secondary school we had a very nice young form teacher called Miss King (not her real name), who we all loved in spite of, or maybe because of, the fact she was unfailingly strict. She had a slipper which she was not afraid to bring out to whack a naughty girl’s bottom with. I was one of the first, together with a friend, to receive the honour of bending over for a whacking which combined a springy slipper with a very athletic arm and left you with a bottom on which you felt you could fry an egg.

During the first term, several girls had to bend over for Miss King’s slipper, but during the second term came an incident where we all as a class did something to earn her displeasure. That term we had a student teacher who frankly hadn’t a clue about teaching or keeping order. We invented an insulting nickname for her and generally played her up as only kids can, until one day she ran out of the classroom in tears.

Miss King, even though she probably knew the student was hopeless, was predictably furious with us for our misbehaviour and told us we were getting a special detention at the end of the week at which we needed to bring our gym kit. She taught us for PE and it seemed quite logical that a class detention with her would be doing PE. When the evening came after school, two girls had forgotten their kit and they were made to stand in the corner of the gym with their noses to the wall. The rest of us were involved in running laps and some pretty strenuous activity. Of course, we were young and found it quite fun, especially with Miss King.