Ted was my first proper boyfriend and my first spanking partner. We lived at opposite ends of the same street and had classes together in maths and history at GCSE, and maths in the sixth form. We started dating when we were both 17 and were in the upper sixth form. Both of us were spanked by our mothers. My mother was an over-the-knee and over the knickers sort of woman, his mum was a bare bottom spanker, and often with a hair brush, even at his age.

Spanking first reared its head when he picked me up one Saturday afternoon and I was very quiet. We had only been going out for about 6 weeks and he was concerned there was something up. He asked me, and I was slightly embarrassed but I told him I had just been over mum’s knee and spanked for not doing my chores properly. He asked me more and wanted more details; over the knee? does she take your knickers down? did it hurt much? etc. I filled in the details and he put his hand gently on the seat of my jeans and ‘rubbed it better’. As if! Any excuse to cop a feel! That said, it was very nice. It was at that point he came clean and told me about his mum.

Over the coming weeks, we were clearly becoming quite serious. One thing led to another and we became lovers, which was lovely. We usually waited until one or other of our houses was empty and enjoyed a comfy bed, but occasionally we went to the woods as the days were still not too cold. One day, we were goofing around and he gave me a hard slap on the bum. He stopped and apologised profusely, thinking he had overstepped the mark. I smiled and gently laughed, and turned and bent over, telling him if he’s going to do it, at least do it properly. He gave me about half a dozen firm pats while I held my knees, which I found very erotic. After that he spanked me on a regular basis and I think he had spanked me in every room in their house, except his mother’s bedroom, which was strictly out of bounds.

That didn’t stop him and he pulled out the stool from his mum’s make-up table and I was soon enjoying a gentle spanking when suddenly the door flew open and a very angry mum was shouting at us both. I jumped up and didn’t know what to do.

Ted looked very afraid, and rightly so.

Having told me to stay where I was as I had been punished (yeh, like that was a punishment!) she said I may as well wait and watch Ted get his. She undid his trousers and pulled them down to his knees, and then his boxers followed. I think he had enjoyed his part of my spanking! She then pulled him roughly over her knee and, with the hairbrush on the make-up table, laid into his bottom like there was no tomorrow, quickly turning it pink, dark pink and then a horrible red colour during a spanking that lasted for 3 or 4 minutes. She lectured him throughout that her room was private and we both should know better, and next time I would get the same.

Needless to say, we never made that mistake again. Spanking over, Ted sorted himself out and we went over to mine. Thankfully, my mum was out as Ted was in a bit of a state and I had to rub cream into him a couple of times to help with the pain. He never did finish my spanking that afternoon but he made up for his shortcomings later.

That was the only time I saw him spanked by his mum, but he seemed to get the hairbrush quite often compared to my spankings from my mum, and I often wondered if he was doing it deliberately.