I went to an all-girls catholic elementary school in Memphis, Tennessee, in the 1970s and corporal punishment was the norm in those days. I received a few spankings from a couple of teachers and the nuns. My first spanking at school was age 7 for talking in class. The girl I was speaking with and I were both brought to a little room just adjacent to the classroom, and each of us was put over the teacher’s lap and she raised our skirts, pulled down our panties and gave us each several hard pops with a small round paddle on our bare cheeks. I received 4 spankings in this manner between ages 7 through 11. All of my teachers were women.

I was only once spanked by a man other than my father. In the spring of my 8th grade year, about a week after turning 14, I played a prank on the nuns and was sent to the principal, who was a priest in his early to late 40s. I remember he put a chair towards the center of his office, pulled me over his lap, pulled up my skirt and pulled down my panties and spanked me with the paddle on my bare bottom. At first, it was just embarrassing, but soon the pain was unreal and I started to squirm. At one point I put my right arm back and he took it with his left hand held it against my back. I remember he then rearranged my position by moving his right leg in between my legs, locking me in place so I was unable to move, my bottom completely helpless and completely exposed. He told me to be a good catholic girl and accept my punishment, and he proceeded to spank me. He stopped a few times to lecture why I was being punished as I cried and promised to be good.

It was so humiliating. When he was finally finished he gently helped me up, kissed me on my forehead, and told me he was sorry he had to spank me but that it was for my own good.

Fortunately I graduated from middle school a few weeks later and started high school the next year, and I never saw that priest again. I wonder how many girls he spanked? I never told any of my schoolmates about it, so there could be other girls out there who, like me, never talked.