Sept. 2012.

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Taylor Santos is a student at Springtown High School northwest of Fort Worth, Texas. She is described as a sophomore student.

Recently, a fellow student copied some of Taylor’s classwork – without her knowledge, according to Taylor. They were caught and both girls were punished with two days In-School Suspension (ISS). After serving one day, Taylor decided she didn’t want to return for the second day and so went to the vice principal’s office to ask for the second day ISS to be replaced with a spanking (paddling).

In accordance with school policy, the vice principal telephoned Taylor’s mother, Anna Jorgenson, and obtained permission to spank Taylor. The punishment was carried out by the male vice principal with another female member of staff present in the room.

When Taylor got home and showed her bottom to her mother, Mrs Jorgenson was surprised at how red and sore Taylor’s bottom was and took photos. Mrs Jorgenson was also unhappy with Taylor’s spanking being carried out by a male member of staff as she (correctly) thought the school policy was for female staff to paddle female students and male staff to paddle male students. She therefore complained to the school board.

As a result, the school policy has been changed so males are permitted to paddle females and vice versa. Texas good sense?