In 1981 Frankie Mass was a pretty high school homecoming queen who got into trouble with principal, Carl Butler, for breaking the school’s ‘no kissing’ rule with her escort and school football team captain, Forrest Kirkes.


Both Frankie Mass and Forrest Kirkes knew they would be in trouble if they kissed, the rule having been in place in the Oklahoma school for about three years. Encouragement to break the rule came from the crowd of fellow students who yelled: “Kiss her, kiss her.”


At the event on a Friday evening, Frankie looked up at Forrest, said: “Well, Forrest, see you Monday morning,” and then kissed him.


According to her mother, Frankie was quite upset during the following weekend because she knew she would get a paddling and that it would be even harder than usual because they had broken the rule so blatantly in front of both fellow students and staff.


The parents of both Forrest and Frankie sympathised but supported the school insofar as they both knew what would happen before they chose to break the rules.


On Monday morning, Frankie’s mother suggested taking some padding to put inside her panties and Frankie did so although in the event she chose not to use it.


The paddling took place shortly after she arrived at school. Frankie was wearing khaki pants and a shirt. Two female friends waited in the hall while Frankie went into the principal’s office for her spanking. The principal, Carl Butler, was waiting for her with coat off and the paddle on his desk. The paddle used was about two feet long, five inches wide and a little over half an inch thick.


Frankie was told to stand a few feet from a wall with her legs apart and then to bend forward with her hands flat against the wall. Mr Butler then delivered three searing hard swats to the seat of the girl’s pants. Tears came to her eyes and she said her backside burned like: “she’d sat on a hot rock” even though she took her punishment without crying out or moving from her position. Her friends outside winced at the sound of the swats.


The punishment was over in just a few minutes, and then Frankie rejoined her friends outside the office. Her bottom still tingled and burned when she sat down during her first lesson. When she went to bed that night her bottom was still pink from the paddling.