I had been told that by mixing a few simple garden chemicals you could make a gunpowder for home made fireworks, and as we searched Sue’s dad’s garden shed it was obvious that this was just the place to find them.

Weed killer, saltpetre and charcoal were among the ingredients required and all were available in the shed. As normal with two teenage girls, it was not something we had thought through very well as we had no idea how we were going to use the mixture once we had mixed it, plus if the mixture worked, given Sue’s addiction to cigarettes, we were in danger of blowing ourselves into the next world. We were also too busy to notice her dad approaching as we stood grinding down the charcoal to powder and he took us totally by surprise when he entered.
He looked at the chemicals on the bench along with the charcoal and knew exactly what we were up to. We were both marched back into the house, her Dad grabbing a handful of garden canes as he left the shed.

We both knew what was coming and sitting down to discuss it was not part of it. In fact, sitting down was about to be off the agenda for a while.

Back in the lounge, out came the spanking chair and down went my knickers as over the back of the chair I bent. He really didn’t care he wasn’t my dad, and my bared bottom was as much a target as his own daughter’s. He applied a good dozen strokes to my exposed backside. I was reduced to a sobbing naughty schoolgirl rubbing furiously at a bottom resembling a ploughed field.

Next was Sue and, with bottom bare, I watched her cheeks as the stripes were applied vigorously to her bending bottom. She sobbed and pleaded for him to stop but to no avail. The only explosions that day was the sound of bamboo striking our bottoms in Sue’s lounge which, given the circumstances, may have been lucky for us.