My third caning of the second year was in a music lesson with Mrs G. This was the lady who I had knocked over in the corridor who now seemed to find any reason to punish me. Luckily for me, she only taught music.

Mrs G had us practicing hymns and after some time she told us we had finished. Like an idiot I slammed by hymn book closed very loudly. She looked up from the piano and demanded to know who did it. I admitted it as everyone else was looking at me. Mrs G told me to report to her at the end of the day.

The day passed slowly and my thoughts were on the caning I was sure to receive. I reported to Mrs G as instructed at the end of the day. She was sat behind a desk marking some books when I arrived. She told me that she was fed up with me and she was going to cane me. I was told to collect the book and cane. As usual the secretary smiled when I arrived and soon handed them to me.

I walked back with a heavy heart and fearing a very hard caning. Mrs G was in her late 20s, long blond hair in a pony tail, a large curvy lady, and wearing her normal long black dress with high heeled shoes. She had placed a stool in the middle of the room by the time I arrived back. She took the cane and book and told me to remove my blazer. I removed my blazer while she wrote in the book.

Mrs G told me to bend over the stool and then walked towards me. She made me adjust my posture until she was satisfied. Then she stood alongside me. Mrs G touched the cane before quickly lifting it back. It quickly cracked down and I soon felt the burning pain cross my bottom. I did not have long to wait for the second, third or fourth strokes which got me grunting as the pain bit. I was relieved when I heard her walk away and decided to stand up and rub my bottom.

Mrs G was not happy with this and ordered me back over the stool. I did so quickly. Mrs G then walked back to my side and told me I had two more strokes for moving without being told. She touched the cane again and soon it hit my bottom hard. Tears were rolling down my face as she lined up the sixth stroke. It was extra hard and low, resulting in a loud yelp from me. Mrs G then walked away again. I dared not move and stayed bent over.

Finally Mrs G told me to stand and replace my blazer. Mrs G handed me the cane and book before dismissing me with a warning that any future bad behaviour would result in a visit to the Headmaster. I walked back to the office and handed the cane and book to the secretary. My walk home was slow and painful. Mrs G was the only teacher I disliked. She seemed to enjoy any chance to inflict pain on me for minor offences.