I grew up in the 1960s and 1970s. My parents lived in a small Suffolk village but I went to a private boarding school in Cambridgeshire. In the 6th form, I was hoping to get into Durham University and it is at this time these events took place. It was my one and only trip over the headmistress’s knee.

I was a boarder at a private school near Ipswich in the 1970s. I had an excellent academic and sporting record, playing hockey at county level and studying 4 A levels with a view to going to Durham next year. If I say so myself, I was a model student and had never had even a detention in the 6 years I had been at the school.

The headmistress, Miss S, had taken me under her wing and helped me with my sport. She was an ex-PE teacher and played for England at hockey in her day. I had great respect and fondness for her.

Then, one Friday afternoon, that seemed as it may be about to change. I received a note from Mrs W, the head’s secretary, to go to the office at 4.00 pm sharp. Miss S usually handed out punishments after class on Friday, so I presumed she was going to see me first as we had to discuss my university application. When I got there, the normally cheerful Mrs W was somewhat reserved. She knocked on the headmistress’s door, went in and said: “You can come in, Clare.”

In the room already were Miss S, who I expected, and Jackie M, the head girl. We had not seen eye to eye in recent months. I had been offered the head girl’s role but turned it down as I had plenty on my plate with the hockey and A levels I was doing. Jackie was offered it as an after-thought, which she did not appreciate.

“I presume you know why you are here?” said the headmistress.

“I assume to discuss my university application, Miss S,” I replied.

She sighed, and said sadly, “I am very, very disappointed in you, Clare. I never thought you would let me down like this. What have you to say for yourself before I punish you?”

Punish me? Punish me? My mind was racing. What had happened? What had I done? A thousand thoughts went through my mind at once.

“Clare, own up. It will be better for you.”

“Sorry, Miss S, I have no idea what you are talking about.”

“Very well, Clare, you have had your chance. You have been spotted smoking behind the wet weather shelter. Please do not insult me by denying it!”

“But Miss,” I stammered. “Honestly, I don’t understand.”

“Well Clare, Jackie spotted you and reported this to me. I have no option but to punish you, which is sadly what I will now do.”

I could see Jackie trying to hide a smirk.

“Please Miss!”

But Miss S cut me off. “Silence! Mrs W is here to act as witness and record your punishment in the punishment book. As it is your first offense in nearly 6 years, I intend to go lightly on you. I will reserve the slipper for any second offence, mind you, but you are going to get your bottom hand spanked and spanked well. Now, come here.”

I knew from tales in the dormitory that Miss S was a traditional spanker in the main. Whilst some teachers made pupils bend over a desk or grab their ankles, the headmistress was more hands on, as it were. She sat on a straight-backed chair in the middle of her large office and told me to bend across her lap.

“But please Miss,” I protested. “Let me explain.”

Miss Stokes was having nothing of it, and pulled me with some force across her lap. My hands were on the floor and my toes just about touching the floor. I could see Mrs W looking most uncomfortable at the sight of me, bottom up, across the room from her. Jackie was still smirking.

“Wipe the smirk, girl,” snapped the headmistress. “Or you’ll be next!”

That did the trick.

“Now, Clare, I know you have never been in this position before. Just hold still and it will soon be over.”

She was clearly not looking forward to this either, which made two of us. To my horror, I could feel my skirt being pulled up and across my back, exposing my firm athletic bottom to the air.

She smoothed my regulation blue school panties and said, “Hold still.”

I felt her hand rub my bottom one more time and then she lifted it off and I awaited my fate.

“Miss S!” interjected Mrs W. “Before you start, I need to know the details for the punishment book.”

“Quite right,” said the headmistress. “Note the following, then; Clare J, Upper Sixth, hand spanked over knee across knickers. Caught smoking by head girl at 12.30 pm on Tuesday the 5th.”

Mrs W started writing and Miss S rubbed my bottom one last time and raised her hand.

Mrs W looked confused, then, out of the blue, she shouted, “Stop!”

“What is the meaning of this interruption?”


“But Miss S, those facts cannot be true!”

My mind was racing, what on earth was happening?  I am laid there, over the headmistress’s knee, panties on display and the two ladies are about to argue.

“Go on then,” snapped the headmistress. “Explain yourself. Quickly, mind!”

“I had to deliver a message at lunchtime on Tuesday to Mrs D, who was running an extra-study session for upper 6th geography group going on the field trip tomorrow. Clare was there at the class, so she can’t have been smoking.”

Miss Stokes went a very deep red colour and screamed, “Get up girl! Get up!”

I didn’t need telling twice, and smoothed my skirt gratefully back down.

“What is the meaning of this, head girl? Have you made this story up?”

Jackie looked shell-shocked. Just a few seconds before, she had been looking at my upturned bottom about to get its first spanking, and now she was the one in deep trouble.

“Miss,” she stammered. “Let me explain!”

“There is no explanation, and no excuse for what has just happened. Clare, I apologise fully for very nearly giving you a spanking you didn’t deserve. Mrs W, strike that last entry and put the following. Jackie M, former head girl, upper sixth, hand spanked and slippered over knickers and bare bottom for lying. Come here, girl. Clare, you may remain to see justice done, and be a sweetheart, there is a slipper in my bottom left drawer. Would you be so kind as to bring it for me?”

Jackie was turned across the headmistress’s lap, her skirt was roughly pulled up revealing a pair of slight, black lace panties, definitely not regulation. The headmistress admonished Jackie for the uniform infringement and her hand rained down rhythmically left cheek, right cheek and soon Jackie’s bottom was glowing red through the material of her panties. Miss S then pulled her panties down and continued to spank firmly on both sides. She then picked up the well-used plimsoll I had handed to her earlier and began beating Jackie’s bottom hard with it.

I must admit I did feel very relieved at Mrs W’s life-line, and also for being given the chance to see Jackie get her comeuppance.

When Miss S had taken her revenge fully, she told Jackie to stand by the desk, unpinned her head girl badge from her jumper and threw it in the bin.

“Get out!”

With that, a tearful Jackie M left.

Miss S handed me a fresh badge which I, this time, decided to take. Another one in the eye for Jackie.

As far as my education went, I got 3 As and a B, got into Durham and got a 1st in Biology. However, this was not my final trip across someone’s knee.

The experience in the headmistress’s office left a tingling feeling in my stomach and elsewhere, and I was left wondering; what if?  My curiosity would soon get the better of me, but that is a different story.