My third grammar school caning was in a form lesson when I argued with another boy. I was 14 at the time. My form mistress, Mrs MS, ordered us to the front of the class.

Mrs MS was well known as a disciplinarian and was in her fifties. She had grey short hair and was wearing a loose grey top, long grey skirt and grey flat shoes.

She asked us what we were doing and we merely apologised. She stood up and walked to the back of the room. She opened the cupboard and returned carrying a crook handled cane which was slightly longer and thicker than the ones previously used on me. She told us we would soon learn to behave in her lessons.

After completing the punishment book she told the other boy to remove his blazer and bend over the desk facing the rest of the class. He did so and I watched as he got 2 strokes of the cane on his tight grey trousered bottom.

He had grunted and groaned as he was caned so I feared the worst. He was then told to sit down and I was ordered to remove my blazer and bend over. I bent over and did not have long to wait before Mrs MS stood alongside me on my right hand side because she was left handed.

The cane touched my bottom and tapped before I heard the swish and felt the pain shortly after. I grunted when the pain hit me. Mrs MS then touched the cane again and I got the second stroke. I grunted loudly this time which amused some of the class.

I was then told to go to my seat. I remember the look on the faces of the girls in the front row to this day. I was pleased it was only two strokes because Mrs MS was certainly an expert.It was so embarrassing being caned in front of the class and seeing the giggles as I walked back to my seat.