When someone asks: ‘Do you think some of the administrators who handed out corporal punishments enjoyed it?’ my answer would be, ‘No for most of them but definitely yes for a select few.’

Why do I answer so? Because over my 70 years on this earth I have learned a great deal about human nature and some aspects of it are just plain strange at times. Most punishers do see the sexual nature to spankings, but do not act on it. For others, it is more of a power trip than a sexual one and it is both for some as well.

I myself began having sexual feelings connected to receiving it after I hit puberty at 11 even though I would not realize it was sexual until I was 17, almost 18. My submissive nature also added to the thrill of the moment.

As some of these things became apparent during the sexual revolution of the mid 1960s onward, rules were put in place that limited the number of swats (bad idea in my opinion) and introduced the need for a witness to make sure no weird stuff was happening behind closed doors.

These things were not in place in the 1950s where I attended school in Arkansas, and no doubt some were enjoying meting out punishments and taking their time doing it. I experienced this on several occasions although I never encountered anything beyond the spanking part.

The first few accounts I am posting on what I received at school are not necessarily in timeline order, but are accounts that stood out from the others in one way or another. Virtually every administrator had their own way and rarely strayed from it.

This one occurred when I was in the 6th grade in January of 1958. I had told another girl, who was always making fun of my being small for my age, that she had a face that was ‘uglier than President Eisenhower’s asshole.’

Her and a nearby friend went to the office and told one of the secretaries, and about 30 minutes before the lunch periods began the intercom came on in our room and the lady voice said: “Mrs Jones, please send Emily Johnson to the office at this time please.”

Mrs Jones replied: “She is on her way,” and motioned with her finger by pointing at me and then the door. As I left, I knew what was going to happen so I began getting my mind in that zone. Remember David’s tips on breathing and try to endure and make the best of it.

As I walked in, the lady at the first desk told me to go straight to the waiting room for Mr Anderson’s office. As I opened the door, I noticed a girl from the 7th grade, Patty, already sitting there.

As I sat down she asked: “Are you here for a paddling too?”

“Yeah,” I replied as I sighed.

“What did you do?” she asked.

“I said a bad word to Terri. And you?”

“I said a bad word in class when I couldn’t find my assignment.”

“Ha ha,” I laughed, “it was a bad day for bad words.”

“I guess so,” came her reply but she didn’t see any humor in the situation.

Mr Anderson never paddles boys and girls together, but he sometime will have 2 or 3 of the same gender at times and this would be one of those situations.

After about 3 minutes of silence, the door opened and Mr Anderson invited us in. We followed him inside and he pointed at the area right in front of his desk between two metal framed wood chairs and said to stand there with our hands behind our back.

Meanwhile, he went around and sat at his desk and looked at a piece of paper that stated what we had done. He looked at us and then at the paper again and said: “Patty and Emily, this is not the first time you have been in here for using bad language and this is getting monotonous. Well, I guess we will have to add a few swats for good measure.”

He then stood up and grabbed the chair to the right of Patty and placed it in front of the mirror. He then told me to stand where I was with my hands behind my back and I would be next.

He motioned for Patty to come to him and he placed his hand on her shoulder. He turned her toward the chair and said: “Bend over and place your hands flat on the edge of the chair seat. Look ahead or down but do not look back or get out of position until the punishment is over, ok?”

“Yes, sir,” came her faint reply.

“Yes sir, what, Patty?”

“Yes sir, Mr Anderson.”

“Fine. Now we can get started.”

He then grabbed the edge of her red polka dot patterned dress and pulled it back to reveal her white cotton panties, which she filled out pretty well. He placed his left hand on the middle of her back to make sure she didn’t try to get up. Her reddish brown hair was in a ponytail and she had the nice black and white saddle-back shoes that I wanted but my mom would not get me until I was in 8th grade because she said they were more for show than anything else. All I had was my blue Mary Jane buckle shoes that were so common then.

This was an interesting situation since I had never been paddled in Mr Anderson’s office with anyone else. I could see him tapping the paddle on her pantied bottom and I could see her face in the mirror. As he swung his arm back I could see her face tighten and, as the paddle struck its target, a semi-loud ‘whack’ was heard and she responded with “oww” and her shoulders flexed a bit.

The whacks were spaced about 5 seconds apart and on some he tapped the paddle before winding back and on others he just rubbed it left and right before delivering the whack. She maintained the “owws” for the first 5 and then she started crying and saying she was sorry.

Mr Anderson replied: “That’s good, Patty, but your punishment must continue,” and continued the swats until 10 were delivered. She maintained her composure for the most part and only intensified her crying a bit as the spanking progressed. She slightly jolted forward on each one and occasionally would look ahead at the mirror and then back down.

After the last one he asked her if she would continue to use bad language, to which she replied: “No sir, Mr Anderson.”

He answered: “Good, now go over to my desk and trade places with Emily. Emily, you come here, please.”

“Yes sir, Mr Anderson.”

As he had with Patty, he took my shoulder with his hand, turned me to face the chair and lightly pushed as he said: “Bend over, hands flat on the seat, legs together and no looking back, ok?”

“Yes sir, Mr Anderson.”

Then I felt that shiver in my back as I felt him lift the hem of my pink and white plaid dress and pull it on to my back and hold it in place with his left hand. Then I inhaled a bit as he began the initial tapping and, as before, I could see him in the mirror swinging his arm back and then coming back for the first one.

’Whap’ came the sound and I said nothing as I breathed out and took in another breath. I was going to show Patty how a 6th grade can take a paddling better than she could. Below is my best recollection of how I handled the situation:

Whap 2 – Breathed in and out.

Whap 3 – Breathed in and out.

Whap 4 – Said “ow” twice.

Whap 5 – Breathed in and out.

Whap 6 – Ditto.

Whap 7 – Breathing. By this time my bottom was heating up.

Whap 8 – Said “ahhhh” and “owww”.

Whap 10 – Breathing.

Then I felt his left hand lift slightly and he asked the same question he had asked Patty about continuing to use bad language.

Of course, I said: “No sir, Mr Anderson.”

He let me stand up and my dress fell back into place and was now covering a very warm behind. He then went on a quick recollection speech and then dismissed us to return to class.

As we left the office, I asked Patty if her bottom was burning like mine. She replied: “Yeah, and I have to go,” and she picked up her pace of walking as she headed to her home room class.

It was now my lunch time, so I went into the cafeteria and got my food and went and sat at a table that was away from the crowd. As I picked up the piece of fried chicken I couldn’t ignore the pulsing stinging on my backside. And that fascinating weird feeling was slowly taking over.