This is another account of one of the ones I received in the 6th grade. Besides being the grade in which I received the most from Mr Anderson, it was also the year that my ‘like’ of spankings that began when I was 9 was now fully realized at age 11 in grade 6. Plus, my time spent with my friend David over the summer was a great help in that he showed me how to breathe correctly when getting it and to avoid crying which he said I was a waste of energy and concentration.

This incident occurred on Thursday, April 11, 1957. I remembered it because it was my oldest brother Eli’s 13th birthday. It was a nice spring day especially in view of the previous 4 days of rain we had. This paddling would rank as the top in ones that really were memorable. It would include me (11), my cousin Donna, 12, and a girl named, I kid you not, Peggy Sue, 14, who was also Mr Anderson’s niece. During the next school year, she would at first love and later loathe the song by Buddy Holly that featured her name.

It was also memorable because of a dumb thing Donna didn’t do and the fact that this was the first time I was being paddled with Peggy Sue who was about as familiar with Mr Anderson’s board as I was. This was a day I would never forget.

That morning after having breakfast, I went back to my room to finish dressing. Mom then came in and brushed my dark blonde hair and then put on a red plastic headband to keep it out of my face and behind my ears. Then I put on a white and red checkered dress that was a hand-me-down from Donna, but it still looked ok. Soon the sound of the Bus honking would have us running down the dirt driveway where myself, two brothers and four cousins would soon be on board. Donna was wearing a new red dress with a white borderline near the hem. She had on a white plastic headband that had a chip out of it near the top.

45 minutes later we arrived at school and went our separate ways to our respective classes. After reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, we soon were taking out our math books (bummer) and getting ready for a quiz.

At 10:30 am it was time to go to PE class. I usually called it recess because that was what it was to me. After doing a series of jumping jacks and touch your toes exercises, you were released to do one of several activities. I chose to do softball and soon we had a game going with both teams mostly of boys who just loved chiding me with midget jokes and other petite person and height challenged comments.

My cousin Donna, who also had her PE class at the same time was nearby playing volleyball. A few minutes later as I was coming back from the outfield because it was our turn to bat, I saw Donna getting into a tussle with a fellow 7th grader named Mark. This guy was like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, as he could be really nice and also a real turd.

As I approached them he grabbed Donna’s hair and pulled her to the ground and sat on top of her. I went straight into wrestling mode as I ran and tackled him to the ground which let Donna go free. As he began fighting me, Donna came up and kicked him in the ribs. Mark let out a cry of pain and rolled onto his back and began grabbing his chest where he had been kicked.

Soon one of the two PE teachers, Mrs Green, was at the scene in a flash and began asking what was going on. She helped Mark up and he began telling his account of the events. When she came to me, I told her I saw him pushing Donna and when I got to them he had her on the ground so I tackled him to get him off of her, then Donna kicked him to get him off of me.

To make a long story less long, we all were cited for fighting and told to go back to the gym and change back into our regular clothes and go sit in the lunchroom. When I got to the gym, Donna had already dressed, and she waited for me while I changed.

Then we both walked to the cafeteria and sat at the first table just inside the double doored entrance from the hall. I was expecting Mark to come in but he didn’t and we remained there for about 15 minutes. During this time Donna was telling me what started the argument between her and him as if she thought I might have believed her to be in the wrong, which I did not.

Then Mr Anderson’s secretary came in and told us to go to his waiting room. On the way there, Donna kept muttering: “Why today? I can’t believe this is happening today!”

When I asked her what she was talking about, she said: “Nothing, today I am just stupid, that’s all.”

“Why are you stupid today?”

“I just am,” she replied without offering any additional detail.

As we entered his waiting room, we saw another girl, Peggy Sue, was already in there. Peggy was a freshman and a very pretty girl. From 9th through the 12th grades, receiving a paddling was an option. If you did not want to be paddled, you could opt by volunteering for the Saturday cleanup crew where you would attend from 9 am to 2 pm helping to clean the facility. As mentioned earlier, Mr Anderson was her uncle.

After a minute or two I asked Peggy why she was here. She said she was caught smoking and when the teacher looked in her purse, she found a small bottle of ‘Southern Comfort’ (a liquor similar to whiskey) and there was no way she was wasting 5 hours of her Saturday cleaning things.

Then I explained why we were here to which she cupped her mouth and laughed for some reason. A minute or so later the door opened and we were invited to come on in. We soon were all standing in a familiar place in front of Mr Anderson’s desk as he reviewed our infractions and then read them to us to make sure we were all on the same page.

I was very interested in seeing what would happen today because I had never been paddled with someone three grades higher than me. Peggy had a great physique and looked every bit of a 1950s girl. Her hair was in a ponytail, she had on a pretty ‘poodle skirt’ which was pink, accompanied by a white button up shirt and saddleback shoes.

As was his custom, he started with the oldest first and worked his way down. He directed Peggy to the mirror area where a chair was already waiting and then turned her to his left and said: “Bend over and place your hands flat on the seat and let’s get started, shall we?”

“Yes sir,” she replied and then went over and whispered something in Mr Anderson’s ear.

“Very well then, we do not want to wrinkle your skirt by handling it too much.”

Apparently, she did not want to mess up her pretty skirt and I was shocked when she reached to her side, unbuttoned the clasp, took it off and then walked to his desk where she laid it on top. She was now clad only in a white button up shirt, panties, short white socks and saddle back shoes.

She then went back to the chair, bent over and waited for him to get started. For me and Donna, who were still standing in front of his desk, she was facing us which gave us a good view of what was about to happen. The chair he was using was not the regular sized metal-framed wood chair, but it looked like one from perhaps a 3rd grade class. This shorter chair made your head lie at a lower level once you were bent over into position. He pushed her shirt back a bit to keep it out of the way and then placed his left hand on her back to hold it there.

From my vantage point this was a sight to behold. Her well-formed behind seemed almost too big to fit into those tight panties she was wearing. I could see the heart shaped contour of her backside as Mr Anderson began tapping and rubbing the paddle to make sure his aim was true.

When the first swat hit she blinked her eyes hard and said a mild: “ow.” Like me, she did not make much of a scene as she received her punishment.

Whap 1 – ow!

Whap 2 – ow!

Whap 3 – ahh!

Whap 4 – ow!

Whap 5 – ssss

Whap 6 – ssss

Whap 7 – ahh!

Whap 8 – dang!

Whap 9 – ow!

Whap 10 – ssss

Whap 11 – ouch!

Whap 12 – ahh!

Whap 13 – ow!

Whap 14 – ssss

Whap 15 – dang!

Whap 16 – ouch!

As Mr Anderson delivered the swats, I could see her behind bouncing under the paddle as it compressed its target. She would blink hard on each one and shake her head from side to side making her foot-long ponytail almost dance to the rhythm of paddle sounds.

She would also somewhat shift her weight from one leg to the other causing the chair to move slightly a couple of times. Occasionally she would glance to her right at the mirror and then back at the ground. The last swat seemed louder which did elicit a more intense “ouch” from her.

After the last one he said, “No more smoking or boozing, understood?”

“Yes sir, “came the stressed sounding reply. He then allowed her to stand and she went back to the desk and, after quickly rubbing her behind, she grabbed the shirt and put it back on. He then dismissed her and she left the office.

I had noticed that Donna was acting strange and being evasive to any inquiries I presented to her trying to find out what her issue was. I was about to find out.

He then called her name and used his hand to point at her and then the chair. As she approached, he put his hand on her shoulder and turned her towards the chair while instructing her to bend over it and hold the seat.

As she did so the funniest expression came on her face as he began to pull back her red dress to get the spanking started. The expression was one of those ‘Oh my God!’ looks that people display when they are surprised or embarrassed. Just as he fully pulled back the dress, the secret was out. She had on no panties!! Mr Anderson, acting calm and collect as if he had seen this before asked, “Donna, why do you have no undergarments on?”

She glanced up at me with another funny look and then said: “My dad and aunt didn’t wash clothes the last two days and I was out of panties except for one that a big hole on one side. I’m sorry.”

“Well you do not need to apologize to me, but you may feel a bit more sting than usual, ok?”

“Yes sir,” came the strained reply.

“Ok, here we go.”

After a few introductory taps he delivered the first swat which definitely had a different tone than one striking panties. “Owwww ahhhh” she blurted followed by light crying,

Whap 1 – owwww ahhhh!

Whap 2 – owwww ahhhh!

Whap 3 – owwwwwwwww!

Whap 4 – ahhhhhh!

Whap 5 – sssss!

Whap 6 – owwwww!

Whap 7 – eeeeeeee!

Whap 8 – stings stings!

Whap 9 – slighty coughs

Whap 10 – owwwwww

Whap 11 – stings!

Whap 12 – owww!

Whap 13 – owwwww!

Whap 14 – burns!

Whap 15 – eeeeeee!

Whap 16 – aaaaah!

Just as with Peggy, I could also see her bottom bouncing under his paddle but even more so. She too shook her head making her shoulder length brown hair swish to the beat. Her last swat also seemed harder than the rest which made her last response sound almost like a laugh. He then let her up and dismissed her from the room. As she left she looked over her shoulder at me with a look of discomfort while still crying some.

Then it was yours truly’s turn. After watching the previous two, I was a bit excited at what was about to happen. I was slightly lost in thought as I heard: “Ok Em, over here,” followed by his beckoning finger instructing me to come to him.

As I drew near to him I looked at him directly and gave him a slight smile. He grabbed my left shoulder and turned me to the chair and pushed as he told me: “Bend over, please, and hold the seat. You know the drill.”

“Yes sir, Mr Anderson,” I answered and did as instructed. As I bent over into position the lower level of the chair did not seem that much different to me. It was much better than having to grab your ankles because you had something to rest your weight on.

I shivered as he pulled back the edge of my red/white checkered dress and began rubbing the paddle on my backside. For some reason he rubbed and tapped longer than usual as if he was having trouble getting my bottom in alignment with his instrument of delivering heat.

Then the first one struck, WHAP!, and as always it was the one that was the most uncomfortable because it was my behind’s wake up call for the day. It was now time to start my breathing routine and try to focus on the good parts. I would also try some of the words used by Peggy and Donna.

Whap 1 – ssssss!

Whap 2 – owww!

Whap 3 – dang!

Whap 4 – ahhhhh!

Whap 5 – owww!

Whap 6 – ssss

Whap 7 – ahhh!

Whap 8 – ouch!

Whap 9 – owww

Whap 10 – dang!

Whap 11 – stings!

Whap 12 – ayee!

Whap 13 – oh man!

Whap 14 – hot, hot!!

Whap 15 – ssssss!

Whap 16 – aye ya oh!

There was no doubt that the last swat was harder. During the paddling I did my usual shifting of my behind to equalize things and I would glance to my right to see if I could see an actual strike or two. When that last one hit struck, it did kind of snap me out of my thought pattern of the moment as I processed the additional stinging.

Then he lifted his left hand off my back and let me stand. He must have had things to do right after because he did not do his exit speech and simply told me to get back to class.

As I walked back I stopped by the ladies room and reached up under my dress to rub my very tingly bottom and then pulled my panties down to see the damage. It was bright pink and very warm. After a minute or so I washed my face and then went back to class. This would be a day I would always remember.