For me, my most embarrassing spanking was actually from a baby-sitter. My twin brother and I were 14, way past the age of baby-sitters. The whole family was supposed to be doing something fun that night. I don’t remember what it was, but we got into some trouble in the afternoon. Mom said that we couldn’t go with them. That wasn’t much of a punishment. But then she said since we were acting like such babies, she had hired a baby-sitter to come watch us that night. It was Laurie.

Laurie was 16. Only 2 years older than us. Since we went to a very small church, she was in our Sunday school class. She was a gossip and mean, and cruel in the way she treated younger kids. Oh, just wait until she tells everyone in class that she was our baby-sitter! We begged Mom not to let that happen. Mom wouldn’t hear any of it. As she was leaving, Mom told Laurie that if she had any trouble with us, she could “whoop us”. I am sure that she didn’t expect Laurie to really take her up on that.

Before the car was even out of the driveway, she was already making fun of us for having a baby-sitter. This was going to be a long night. She told the two of us to go get a bath, together, like we were 5. When Keith hesitated, she just looked at him sternly, and we went.

After just a few minutes she said we needed to hurry up or she would treat us like the children we are and she would come in and give us a bath. We finished quickly and put on our pajamas, which she insisted we wear.

We sat down on the couch to watch the show that she had selected. All of a sudden, she got up and walked over to the TV and turned it off. She said she was tired of our insolence. She had had it. I didn’t even know what that word meant. She told Keith to go get the paddle. He sort of sneered, but her look made him a believer, so he complied. She told us to take off our pajamas and bend over the couch. Keith started to argue.

She said either comply or she would discuss it with Dad. Now, Dad was an ‘authority man’. You always do what the authority tells you to do, no matter what. Disobeying authority is the worst thing you can do, and it receives the worse punishment. There is no arguing about whether the authority was right or not. And tonight, Laurie was our authority. And she knew that. Additionally, she knew we would never tell on her for that same reason. If you get a whoopin’ at school, you get a worse one at home. Again, no argument. No excuses. If we told on her, we wouldn’t walk for a week. You always obey without question. Laurie also knew that.

After she said that she would discuss this with Dad, there was no arguing. Our pajamas fell to the floor and we bent over the couch as we were told. She gave us each 10 very, very solid whacks. Both of us were in tears when she quit. Then she told us to put our hands on our heads and turn around. Seeing our bottoms was one thing, but letting her see our genitals? Now, remember, she is in our Sunday school class. Keith objected so she ran over and added 5 more whacks to his already blazing red bottom. I didn’t want that, so if she wanted to see my penis, OK. I wasn’t going to argue. It was so humiliating to be standing that way in front of her. She made us stand that way for 5 minutes until she told us to turn around so she could look at our bottoms, too. Then she told us to get dressed and go to bed (at 6:00) and not a word or we will get it again. We did as we were told.

Next Sunday, we were late. When we got to church, she had already told all her friends. When we walked into the Sunday school room, they all laughed. That was almost as humiliating as the spanking.

A couple of years later, she was head cheerleader and runner up on the Homecoming Court. I was a sophomore. Somehow, somebody told that story and it went all over school. Believe it or not, I became one of the most popular guys at school for a few weeks. Every guy wanted to hear that story, and it got better every time I told it. I cannot tell you how many guys wish they could have experienced that. Who knew?