My fourth grammar school caning occurred in the fourth form at age 15, keeping up my record of a caning every year. This caning was however very different and by far the most humiliating.

Some friends and I had decided to play a game which would be considered very sexist now. The three of us decided to wolf whistle at some of the lady teachers once per day until two of us had been caught, leaving the other boy as the winner.

It did not take long before the first of my friends got caught and got six of the very best for his behaviour. My other friend and I had managed to successfully whistle at two ladies without getting caught. It was my turn to perform the next whistle and I was on the look out for my next victim.

I spotted a young lady teacher called Mrs SC and hid out of her sight. Mrs SC was in her late 20’s, tall and slim, long blond hair and wearing a tight fitting red top, tight red skirt and red high heeled shoes.

As she walked down the corridor I gave my whistle. She looked round but did not spot me. However I had not checked behind me and turned to find the senior mistress, Miss SS, looking straight at me. Miss SS was in her early 40’s, black short hair, medium height and wearing a green polo neck top, green tight skirt, black high heeled shoes and a black gown. She had a smile as she said that I would shortly pay for my behaviour.

She walked me down the corridor and found Mrs SC. They spoke for a few minutes before they told me to follow them. We arrived at Miss SS’s office and she ushered me in. She demanded to know why I had whistled at Mrs SC and I explained that it had been a dare. She asked how many times I had done it before. I answered twice and she asked me if my friend who had been caught was also part of the dare. I replied yes. She asked if any other boys were involved and I denied it. I am sure she did not believe me.

She gave me a lecture before announcing that I would get 6 strokes of the cane in front of Mrs SC as she had been the victim of my behaviour. She started to write my name in the punishment book and then told me to remove my blazer. I watched as she removed her gown and then opened a cupboard and selected the longest, thickest crook handled cane from it. It was much longer and thicker than any I had previously felt. She flexed it several times and I was transfixed.

She ordered me to drop my trousers and pants and bend over the desk. I was shocked at this but she quickly explained that it was within the rules as she was the senior mistress and I could opt for a visit to the headmaster if I wanted. This thought frightened me so I reluctantly did as requested.

Miss SS then stood at my side and I felt the cane touch my bottom. I felt very afraid and vulnerable with my bare bottom on full view.

I did not have long to wait before I heard the swish and felt a burning painful heat shortly after. Miss SS paused before the cane tapped again. I heard the swish and felt the pain again. Miss SS paused again before repeating the stroke. I recall grunting loudly at this stroke.

Miss SS then surprised me by asking me if I thought the dare had been worth the pain. I managed to stutter out “no”. The cane tapped again and shortly after the swish I felt the pain again. I grunted loudly at this and felt my eyes well up. Miss SS paused again and then the cane touched again. I heard that swish again and felt even more pain than the previous strokes. I let out an involuntary yelp and the tears started.

Miss SS then told me to brace for the final stroke. I remember tensing up as the cane touched again. It tapped several times fairly hard which hurt my tender bottom. Then I heard the swish and the cane hit low and hard. This was the hardest stroke and I yelped loudly. I stood up and Miss SS told me to bend over again because she had not told me to move.

I slowly bent over, expecting an extra stroke. I was not disappointed but was shocked when she handed the cane to Mrs SC and told her to deliver two more strokes because I had stood up.

Mrs SC replaced Miss SS at my side and I felt the cane touch my bottom. I feared her because she was an extremely fit PE mistress and feared by all the pupils. I felt the tapping before I heard the swish again. Shortly after I felt the most burning pain as the cane hit diagonally across the previous six strokes. I yelped loudly and was now crying profusely. Mrs SC then touched the cane again and I heard the swish shortly after. It was not long before I got the painful burning again across all the first 6 strokes. I cried out loudly at this.

I then heard the teachers moving away and they both stood at the far side of the desk. I was told to stand by Miss SS. I stood up and rubbed my bottom as hard as I could before I realised that both ladies were looking at my front and smiling. I quickly put my hands to the front and Miss SS told me to get dressed. I quickly did so and was told to apologise to Mrs SC.

I did so and Miss SS asked me which other teachers I had whistled at. I told her the names of Miss JH and Mrs SM. She told me that I had to stay there while Mrs SC was sent to find them. Both ladies entered shortly after and I was told to apologise to them. I did as requested and Miss SS explained that I had been caned severely for this behaviour.

Miss SS then dismissed me. I found walking difficult but managed to get to e toilets where I could inspect the damage and freshen up before the next lesson. This had been one painful and embarrassing lesson and I have never wolf whistled a lady since.

My next caning was at the end of the fourth year at the age of fifteen again. This broke my record of one caning per year. It was a Latin lesson taught by Miss LH and I had copied my homework from one of the girls that morning.

Miss LH collected in the homework and set us some work while she marked the homework Near the end of the lesson she asked us to stop work. She told me and the girl to stand up. She asked who had copied who.

I immediately owned up because I did not want the girl to get punished when she had not even known I had sneaked the book from her desk and copied the work. I was told to report to Miss LH at the lunch break. The morning went slowly and then the dinner bell sounded. I walked to Miss LH’s room and knocked on the door. She told me to enter.

I noticed that she had the cane on her desk already and was writing in a book. I was told that my behaviour was unacceptable and that I was going to be caned. I was told to remove my blazer and then bend over her desk. I remember that Miss LH looked gorgeous in her tight fitting black skirt, white blouse and black high heels and I was fascinated as she picked up the cane, flexed it and walked towards me.

I felt the cane touch my bottom before I heard the swish. Shortly after I felt the pain. Miss LH tapped the cane on my bottom again and I heard the swish and felt the pain again. I remember the pause before she touched for the third time. That familiar swish preceded the pain. I was then told to stand up.

I faced Miss LH who was still holding the cane. She told me that any future offences would result in a visit to the headmaster. I was dismissed and met my mates in the playground. I should have learned from my previous caning for not doing homework but I thought I would get away with it as usual. What a mistake!!