It was when I was about 14 or 15 that I formed a friendship with a pretty girl called Maria, who was quite new to the school. It was quite an unlikely one as she was a model pupil, the sort who seemed always to avoid detention or the slipper, unlike some of us who were rather naughtier. Unfortunately, I have to say that one time she got the slipper it was partly my fault.

We were having a rather boring lesson with the teacher droning on and on with this text, when we came to a bit in the text which seemed to be a bit rude, if you took it to have a double meaning. I whispered it to Maria who started to giggle, and that set me off giggling too.

The teacher told us to stop being silly, but we had really got the giggles and ended up by being sent out the room. Now the teacher concerned was pretty soft and we might have escaped punishment if our form teacher, Ms C, hadn’t happened to come down the corridor as we were standing outside the room.

She enquired what we were doing there and then went in to have a word with the teacher. When she emerged she told us to report to her at break. Ms C was a dab hand with the slipper and we rejoined the class rather more soberly. In fact Maria looked close to tears.

When the lesson at last ended, Maria whispered to me, “Do you think we’ll get the slipper?”

“Probably,” I said gloomily.

“Does it hurt?” said Marie with an involuntary rub of her bum.

“Of course,” I said. “But don’t worry, you’ll live!”

We cut along to our form room with butterflies in our stomachs. I knew from experience that this particular lady could certainly sting your bottom very well. When we got there, Ms C sat at her desk and asked us why we were disrupting the lesson. I came out with some half excuse while Maria’s eyes filled with tears.

Ms C then gave us a lecture on behaviour and told Maria she was surprised at her for misbehaving in a lesson. I noticed she didn’t tell me she was surprised at my misbehaviour, because that would’ve been perjuring herself!

At the end of the lecture I expected the slipper to come out, but surprisingly Ms C gave us the option between the detention class next evening or three whacks with the slipper. I rather think this option was given because Maria was there and hadn’t been in trouble before. I immediately opted for the slipper as I knew my mum did not approve of me getting detention and had a nasty habit of giving me a dose of her own slipper before she signed a detention slip. So it was a no-brainer for me.

Maria, however, seemed to be relieved as she opted for detention. However, she had no sooner said it than a look of panic came over her face and she said that she couldn’t make the detention as her and her mum had something on after school that evening.

“Looks like the slipper for you too, Maria,” said the teacher with a slight smile, reaching into her drawer and pulling out a well worn leather slipper. It was a man-size and may have belonged to her husband. Whatever, it could certainly sting your bottom like mad. I remember once in a more relaxed moment asking her where the slipper came from, and she said, “I got it especially for naughty little girls like you!” Now of course two naughty little girls were going to feel the effects of it!

The teacher dealt with Maria first as she could probably see she was nervous and would not have lasted through watching someone else slippered when she knew she was going to get it herself. Anyway, Ms C told her to bend over the desk and grip the sides. She also warned her not to move during the spanking. Maria did as she was told, showing a very pert bum as Ms C turned her skirt back. The teacher then tapped her tight knickers a couple of times and then let fly with the slipper. It landed with a resounding whack and produced a yell from Maria, who started sobbing. I felt really sorry for her as she was trying to keep it together, but the next whack really opened up the floodgates and after the third she yelled and stamped her feet. Being able to get up now, she even did a little dance around, holding her bum, which would have been quite funny if it hadn’t been my turn next.

“Now you, young lady,” said Ms C, pointing the slipper at me. I bent over and she repeated the instructions as my own skirt was turned up. A couple of taps on my knickers to get the range and then it was my turn to yell as I felt the whack of the slipper and sharp pain as heat spread through my bum. Tears came until the second when they started to really flow and by the third I was sobbing my eyes out.

Crying never made me feel ashamed as spankings were supposed to hurt and this one sure did. And, after all, we were girls before ‘women’s lib’!

After another brief lecture which always included the words, “Now don’t let me have to do that again!” Miss C allowed us out and we went, rubbing two behinds that appeared on fire. I didn’t know what to say to Maria but the next period was beginning and we went our separate ways as we were in different groups.

I was very sore sitting that morning, but at lunch I sought out Maria who was sitting by herself, which was not unusual. I sat down with a grimace, as my bottom reminded me of what had happened earlier.

“Sorry about the slippering, Maria,” I said. “I think I got you into trouble.”

She looked at me through rather red eyes. “That’s OK,” she said. “It was my fault too, so I guess I deserved it. But it didn’t half hurt!”

“Yes it did,” I said. “Ms C really knows how to sting your bum.”

“I did make a fool of myself,” she said. “Please don’t tell anyone.”

“I won’t,” I said. “I promise. Can we still be friends?”

“Of course,” she said, getting up. “At least I don’t have to tell my mum I got detention. She’d be upset about that.” She smiled, “You know, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be naughty and get the slipper. Now I know!”

“Think you might try again?” I said with a grin.

She giggled and rubbed her pert behind. “No,” she said. “Once is quite enough!”