When I was in junior high, we had gym one afternoon, but I had lost my gym kit and couldn’t find it. My friend, Terri, was helping me look for it and it turned out it had slipped to the back of my locker. We had to run to get to gym class on time, but didn’t quite make it and were late.

Unfortunately, it hadn’t been the first time we, and others, had been late and so the gym coach obviously decided to make an example of us. She told us to get changed quickly and she will deal with this during class. This didn’t encourage us as to what the outcome would be, as the coach used the paddle quite freely. Sure enough, halfway through the class she made the point that she expected us to be there on time and that two girls who had been late were going to get the paddle.

She told us to go into her office while she set the class to do some laps round the gym. After she joined us in there, she got out a paddle and told Terri to bend over. My friend did and got three resounding swats on the back of her thin gym shorts. She yelped, burst into tears and did a little dance clutching her bottom.

Then it was my turn to get the three squats as I bent over. She tapped the paddle on my bottom and then WHAP! Boy! Did she know how to use a paddle! It hurt lots and I yelped and felt the heat rapidly spreading through my bottom.

WHAP! I yelled and burst into tears at the second one as it hurt so.

WHAP! Another yell and floods of tears from me, and I also did a dance holding my bottom when it was over.

All dignity was gone, but I didn’t care as it hurt so much and my bottom was on fire.

“Now, rejoin your class and no more tardiness,” said the coach.

We tearfully obeyed, with bottoms that seemed on fire. We both realised how difficult it is to do gym with a sore bottom, but we managed to get through it. We didn’t want to get spanked again!

Of course, in the showers the other girls saw our bottoms were tomato red but on the whole they were very understanding and supportive. I think they realised it might of been one of them, as they had all been late at some point and that our punishment had been an example. Just my luck to be the one who was picked on to be the example.

Thankfully, mom did not find out about it so there was no investigation at home, but my butt sure was tender for a couple of days.

I felt really bad about getting Terri into trouble, but she was a good friend and told me not to worry.

“If I hadn’t got it, then I might of got it for something else,” she said, which appeared very philosophical to me. Pity about ours butts though!