A girl called Amy and I were best friends at school and sat together in most lessons. On one occasion, we were having an A-level test in French, my favourite subject, but Amy struggled rather despite my coaching her most weekends. This was the last lesson of a very long week and we were all very pleased when it was over.

The following week, during the last period on Tuesday, we got the results and I got top marks yet again. Amy got an amazing 65%, third in the group of 15 upper-sixth girls. Miss L, the French teacher, surprisingly made little of Amy’s amazing performance which struck me as odd, but on we got with the lesson which was all about French pronouns which I lapped up. Before I knew it, the final bell went and we packed away our things.

“Amy, Jo, can I see you both, please?” asked Miss Longstaff.

So we stayed behind as our friends left for the afternoon, and we moved down to the front of the classroom.

“Well?” Miss L asked. “What have you to say for yourselves, girls? Speak up, I want to get this resolved here and now!” she barked.

I had no idea what was going on. I glanced at Amy who looked crestfallen and as guilty as she could look.

“Sorry miss, I needed a good grade to stay on the course, I’m so sorry. Jo had no idea I copied some of her work. As usual, she had her nose down and focused on her work, so please don’t blame her.” Clearly she was expecting severe punishment.

Miss glared at her. “Very well, thank you for admitting it so quickly. That will go slightly in your favour. Jo, you were less to blame. You should make sure your work is not visible. Your punishment will be less severe, but you will be punished also.

My heart sank like a brick as she said this. I had had a smacked leg when I was about 8 at primary school, and now I was being punished for being clever. Rough justice to me, but there was no point arguing as it would probably be detention in any case.

Miss Longstaff opened her desk and took out a large plimsole which looked well used, but that we had never seen. Gulp! She then sat at her desk, pushed her chair back and told us both to come around to where she was sitting. She couldn’t be serious, the slipper for not knowing someone was cheating?

I was just about to voice my protest when she raised her hand and told us, “Amy, you are to get the slipper, good and hard. Jo, you will receive a spanking with my hand. Do you both understand?”

We nodded and mumbled.

“Amy, come here,” and with that Miss pulled Amy across her knees and pulled up her skirt revealing school green knickers which stretched tightly over her buttocks. She then picked up the plimsole and brought it down with a sudden loud thump on Amy’s right buttock. Alternating left and right, the slipper struck about every 10 seconds or so for a good couple of minutes. Amy sobbed louder and louder as the slipper did it’s work. I stood petrified, wondering what was coming my way. Finally, after another minute or so, Amy was told to stand up, sort herself out and stand at the end of the desk. Oh my lord, it was now going to be my turn.

“Jo, come here,” she said.

My legs were like lead and I took an age to move the 4 or 5 paces to her side. As with Amy, she took my arm and guided me across her lap. This was a strange sensation, laid across an adult’s warm thighs, looking down at the wooden floor, and, being barely 5 feet tall, legs dangling in mid-air whilst waiting for someone to hit me for not really having done anything. It just didn’t seem right, not that I was in a position to do anything about it. The strange feel of someone else pulling up my skirt and the cool air from the room kissing my skin. Slap, the first spank hit home. Unlike my friend, there was not the same 10 second or so gap between spanks. Instead, a measured and almost hypnotic rhythm across my cotton underwear which hid the glowing bottom below. It stung, it stung quite a bit, but no way was it as bad as I feared. I believe to this day Miss Longstaff went easy on me as I hadn’t really done anything. Soon, it was all over and she helped me up. My skirt fell back down and I rubbed my sore bottom for a moment or two.

“Right, you two, get out of my sight. Jo, that is the end of it. Amy, you will do another test on Friday with me after school. If you do not get at least 50%, I will slipper you again. Do you understand?” she shouted.

Amy agreed and we left the room, still rubbing out bottoms.

“I am so sorry, Jo. That was not fair that you were spanked as well as me. I wish I could make it up to you somehow.”

I suggested getting 50% by herself would be enough, otherwise Longstaff would not be the only one looking to spank her. Sure enough, come Friday Amy got 55% and a stern warning, but no repeat trip across Longstaff’s knees for another spanking. In a very small way, that made my punishment just that little bit more acceptable.