It was a hot summer’s day during the school holidays. My sister Pat and me were having a day with our cousin Avril and our aunty Gillian in a local country park. All three of us were about the same age, 15 or 16, and we had all taken our bikes to let off some steam, despite the heat that day. Aunty Gillian set up a fold-away picnic table and chairs next to her camper van and sat in its shade reading her latest crime thriller which she seemed to digest with alarming speed.

On what must have been our third or fourth trip around the park, I felt my front tyre going flat and stopped back at base while the others continued up the slopes, around the corner and out of sight. I set about finding and mending the puncture whilst having a very welcome cold drink from aunty’s cool box. After about 15 minutes I set about pumping the tyre back up and was just about to put my helmet back on when a pick-up truck with ‘Park Ranger’ emblazoned on its side pulled up with a jolt immediately in front of us. We could see both Avril and Pat sat very sheepishly in the front seat and their bikes in the back. Almost before the truck had fully stopped, the driver’s door swung open and the ranger leapt out and went directly up to aunty Gillian, clearly in a bad frame of mind.

The ranger went on to tell her that the two girls had just been caught cycling on a large patch of ground that was taped off with large signs saying ‘rare orchids – do not enter’ all around them, and they could have caused serious, long-term damage to a globally endangered species. He told aunty in no uncertain terms that we were to pack up and leave the park, and that he would be back in 30 minutes to make sure we had.

Aunty was livid. She apologised profusely and promised that not only would we be gone before he got back, but that she would see to it that the two girls were properly punished before she drove off. With that, the ranger deposited the bikes next to the camper van and departed. While aunty lectured the two girls about their behaviour, I made myself scarce, putting the bikes into the back of the van whilst their dressing-down continued. Luckily, we were in a quiet part of the park and there were no other cars to be seen. As I put the table and chairs away, aunty thanked me but said to leave one chair as she would be needing it. I felt I knew why.

Finally, she was through with the lecture and I stood by the rear of the van, out of the way but in full view of them. She told them both they would be severely punished for their stupidity and as she wound up their dressing-down, she sat in the one remaining chair and told Avril to come over to her. As Avril arrived, aunty pushed her forward and over her lap as she sat on the low camping chair. Avril’s bottom was more or less facing me and within a few seconds aunty started to slowly and firmly spank her daughter’s bottom over her shorts. The impact made Avril’s bottom wobble and move as spank after spank landed home every 10 seconds or so. This economical rate presumably made the most impact for the minimum effort. The spanking must have covered every square inch of Avril’s vulnerable backside. Avril was bucking and kicking her legs, but to no avail. Aunty Gillian spanked on for several minutes at the same slow, steady pace whilst her daughter sobbed.

Finally satisfied that the punishment was enough, aunty Gillian told Avril to get up and for Pat to come over. As she did, once again aunty Gillian pushed Pat across her lap and into position to have her bottom spanked too. Avril stood crying and carefully rubbed her very painful bottom. Pat had made the mistake of wearing a mid-length summer skirt with a tee shirt, and aunty Gillian pulled the skirt up revealing her panty clad bottom, which was again pointed more or less directly at me. I have to confess some delight in seeing my older sister punished in this way, as it was usually me that got into hot water with mum. Aunty’s hand made first contact with Pat’s tight white panties and made a satisfying slapping noise. Again roughly every 10 seconds another and another and another spank landed as aunty worked her way all around her ample bottom. Like Avril, she was also in tears before the spanking was completed. Just as the final few spanks hit home I heard and then saw the ranger’s truck slow down in front of aunty, sound his horn and drive off, clearly satisfied that not only were we leaving, but that the two girls had been soundly spanked for their misdeeds.

Aunty let Pat up eventually and her skirt fell back over her hands which were frantically rubbing her bottom through her knickers. Aunty simply stood up, folded up the chair and asked me to put it safely away, knowing full well that I had been able to witness everything that had happened. I knew that if I had been with them rather than mending my puncture, I would probably be over aunty’s knee right now.

We drove back more or less in silence with Avril sitting on a thin cushion to protect her sore bottom.