When I was about 15, I spent the weekend at my cousin’s with my older (boy) cousin and my younger (girl) cousin Patty. Unfortunately, in church Patty and I were a bit excited and started giggling over something. This was noticed and we were moved. We suspected we might be in trouble and sure enough, when we came back to the house, out came my aunt’s paddle  and we knew we were in for it!

I expected her to put us over her knee (she had done this before) but she told us to bend over the sofa together. She hiked up our dresses at the back and we looked at each other in somewhat despair as she completed the lecture, knowing that in a few minutes our bottoms would be very warm indeed.

She tapped us both a couple of times with the paddle, which was light, ping pong paddle which could give a good sting, and then: WHAP!

“Ow!” yelped Patty, eyes bulging.

WHAP! “Ow!” I yelped similarly as the paddle stung my rear.

WHAP! “Ow!” from Patty.

WHAP! “Oweeeee!” from me.

I think Patty lasted about three spanks before she burst into tears and I lasted about four. We yelled and hollered as my aunt spanked away alternately at our bottoms. I did notice one thing as the spanking went on; our yelps got somewhat out of synch. I was yelling when Patty was swatted and she was yelling for me!

By the time my aunt let us up, both our butts were on fire and we did the customary dance holding them before going to sit in the corner on two hard chairs (Ow!) while aunt and uncle got on.

The squirming that went on had to be seen to be believed and we continued squirming as we had lunch, much to the amusement of my boy cousin.

It was a relief when my aunt told us to clear up afterwards as at least we could then stand up. Afterwards, we went upstairs to inspect the extent of the damage to our bottoms and found that they were both still quite red. We spent the rest of the afternoon lying on our tummies while our butts cooled. After that, we were still a bit sore but normal service was resumed.

I was just a bit worried aunt would tell mom I’d been naughty, but that never happened. And the spanking wasn’t enough to spoil a good weekend.