When my cousin and I stayed with my granny during our first year at college, we thought we could come in any time we liked after partying. Granny, however, had other ideas, as she made abundantly clear to us with the help of the same paddle she had used on our moms. She may have been getting on in years but she still had a pretty strong right arm.

The two sophisticated young ladies were soon reduced to bawling little girls as we went over her knee one after the other for a good walloping with the paddle. Even with the passing of the years, Granny had not lost her touch when it came to spanking naughty girls! We went to bed much chastened with bottoms that were on fire and in danger of scorching the bedsheets.

The next day, granny told us she was having some nice young people round that evening for us to meet. I didn’t want to meet them and was really mad with her for spanking me, especially as I could feel the after-effects of the spanking in my butt when I sat down in church that morning. So, just to annoy her, I put on a real short skirt, much to granny’s disapproval.

One young man, however, obviously enjoyed the leg display as he chatted to me all evening and then asked me out on a date. I was so thrilled that I quickly forgave granny for spanking me. Another guy asked my cousin out, so she was really happy, even though both of our bottoms still felt quite tender from the spanking.

The boy and I had our date and fell in love, and he became my husband. So, thanks to granny who brought us together, even in an indirect, pretty painful way. And yes, my husband still likes me in short skirts!