During the summer vacation of my first year at university, about 16 months before Jo and I met, my sister and her friend were in the year above me, and I know Bev had the hots for me. Probably because I was tall and very athletic, but we never dated and she did have a conscience. If she had done something bad that her father would have spanked her for, she did ask me to step in. This stood me in good stead when I got together with Jo a year or so later.

One Saturday night during the university summer vacation, I offered to take my sister, Tracey, and her best mate, Bev, into town and pick them up. They, like me, had just come back from university for the summer and wanted to catch up. I agreed I’d pick them up in front of the pub where I had left them at 11.30 pm and take them home. Mum and dad were staying at my aunty’s house that weekend, and Bev was staying in the spare room.

I got there a few minutes early and found a place to park just down the road. Clearly, there was a commotion going on and I walked down to investigate to make sure the ladies got by it safely. When I got there I couldn’t believe my eyes. A policeman had Bev by the collar, she had blood coming from her nose, whilst on the pavement another young woman was sat looking dazed and was crying. I recognised the policeman; it was Paul, a friend of my dad. Apparently, Tracey had started chatting a bloke up, only for his girlfriend to come back from the loo. An argument had started then Bev slapped the woman who fell backwards and hit her head. Ten minutes later, the police, closely followed by myself, had arrived. The woman wasn’t interested in pursuing things, luckily, and so Paul let the girls off, but suggested that if they had been his daughters, they would be over the sofa arm and getting the razor strap as soon as he got them home. He suggested he should ring their parents and suggest it to them. I panicked, not wanting them involved, and said I would look after things myself, meaning I’d get them home safely and to bed straight away. We left as soon as we could and went straight home.

Once home, I told the ladies to get to bed and we’d talk about this in the morning when they had sobered up. They dashed off after apologising for the scene and they hoped I wouldn’t be too hard on them. I got myself a beer, watched a bit of TV, then turned in. I could hear the ladies still talking. I couldn’t make everything out but I did catch Bev saying that she hoped I would spank her, as she deserved it, as did Tracey, and also how could anyone not want to go over such a hunk’s knee. I blushed and tried to put it out of my mind as I settled down for the night.

Morning came, but there was no sign of the ladies until about 11.00 am, no surprise after all they had drunk the night before. Tracey took tea and toast up and then eventually they came down still in their nightwear. Sheepishly, they came into the lounge where I was applying for a summer job on the computer. They both apologised again for the trouble previous night, before Bev said she was ready to receive the spanking she richly deserved. I was pleased about this as I was looking forward to spanking her shapely bottom very much, but didn’t know how best to broach the subject, as this would be my first time administering rather than being on the receiving end. She stood there in her t-shirt and sleeping shorts, both of which showed there was nothing being worn below. I turned my chair around and suggested we make a start. Bev smiled and carefully laid herself across my lap, toes and hands touching the floor.

I gently stroked her bottom to check if there was anything beneath before we started, and I certainly didn’t find anything. Then I began. Spank, spank, spank, slowly and rhythmically with my hand. After about 15 or 20 spanks, she looked around and told me I’d need to spank a lot harder than that if I was to replace her father’s punishments. She was actually enjoying it! I spanked somewhat harder. She smiled; clearly that was more like it. About three or four minutes later, I patted her gently on the bum and told her she could get up. She looked slightly disappointed and, with a cute smile, asked what she’d need to do to get a real hiding. Up she got and rubbed her curvaceous bum gently, pulling her bottoms down at the back to admire my work in the mirror. She thanked me for setting things straight and said she would be good. Like I believed that for a minute!

Tracey now stood at my side and bent herself over as well. She was wearing a short yellow nightshirt which rode up over her matching yellow panties. I pulled the nightshirt clear and began spanking her bum harder than I had done Bev’s.

“Ouch, oww, oww,” she complained as the effects of the spanking started to mount. I spanked harder as I spanked on. I didn’t mind Bev enjoying the effects, but didn’t want to have the same effect on my sister! When I had finished, she jumped up, fiercely rubbing her red behind for all her worth. Bev asked if Tracey would like some cream on that and they dashed upstairs to soothe Tracey’s behind and no doubt to compare notes.

I never spanked Tracey again. One never expects to ever have to spank an older sister. I did, however, have the pleasure of spanking Bev a couple more times, but Tracey never knew about those. Bev and I never went out, but she did avail herself of my lap when she had done something naughty and felt that she needed to be punished.