A second high school paddling for Nikki, for smoking.

There Was No Choosing This Time. There was only three forms of punishment at the school. They had suspension, of course. There was the pit. Which was the same as ISS at other schools except the room you went to had no A/C or heat and was flat out miserable. Then there was a spanking with the paddle.

Like most teenagers, I smoked. I didn’t smoke at school but I did right before, and as soon as I could get out to my car. I carried my pack in my purse. I don’t know why I carried them. I could very well have left them in my car.

Once I got caught at the lunch table with my pack sitting in my purse. A teacher stopped to talk to us and just so happened to look in my purse and saw my pack. I was busted.

I followed the teacher down to my assistant principal’s office. I knew the drill and took a seat outside her office and waited till I was called on. The teacher left her office and it wasn’t long I was called in. I went and sat in one of the two chairs in front of her desk. I knew I was in some pretty good trouble with her. I had already paid her a visit that week for PDA and here I am again on Friday.

“Well Nikki, back again so soon? Possession of cigarettes this time eh? Got caught, didn’t ya?”

I replied: “Yes ma’am. I had them in my purse. She walked by and saw them, brought me to see you.”

“This is pretty straight-forward. Let’s see if I can keep you out of my office for awhile this time.”

She then pulled out her paddle from under her desk and set it on the top. I knew right then what my punishment was without her saying a word.

“Please stand up and go put your toes on the line,” she ordered.

I wasn’t going to be giving a choice this time. I was going to get a paddling from her, no doubt about it.

I went over to the line, looked down and put the toes of my wedges on it and waited. I had already started to get tears in my eyes. Soon I heard her chair creak and the sound of her picking up the board.

”Spread your legs some, and bend on over and grab your ankles, hun.”

I gave my skirt a tug and tried to get it as low as I could and did as told. I knew that fussing about it would just earn me more swats. I’d been here before. She didn’t care that I had a skirt on and thought bending over in such a way was unladylike.

“You got six swats coming, stay in position. Understand?”

I replied with a yes.

“Are you ready?”

”I guess so.”

The blood was now rushing to my head and one of my tears hit the floor between my feet. She then rubbed the paddle in a circle on my butt. I could feel the cold board on my rear. I was a bit worried about getting 6 swats. It was my first time from her getting anymore than three.

She then put her hand on the small of my back. There was two little taps, whoosh and a loud CRACK. The first swat almost knocked me forward. Two taps again. 2nd one landed.

“OUCH,” I yelled.

A lonely tear ran down my cheek and hit the floor. My thin skirt wasn’t helping to dampen the blows at all. She was really paddling me hard this time too.

The third swat came hard without even the tap tap warning.

“I can’t do this!” I screamed out. I was crying. “Please, It hurts so bad.”

All the while I still was bent over holding my ankles. My knees were shaking.

“Okay Nikki, let’s get this over with. Get your knees straight right now.”

I looked back and could she her ugly shoes. They had an open toe, short heel and she was wearing pantyhose with them. Poor woman had no fashion sense. YUCK.

When I straightened my legs I saw her lean back. I closed my eyes. She then gave me the last three swats just as fast as you could count to three. 1-2-3.

My butt was on fire and throbbing. It was the worst spanking I had got at school to that date. I was crying a lot and my nose was running. It was quite embarrassing. Not to mention, I am sure she could see my panties bent over like I was.

Still holding my ankles I was asked to stand up and come sit back over in the chair. Let me tell ya, I didn’t want to.

I gingerly sat my blistered rear down.

“Well, Nicole! Is that going to be enough to keep you out of my office for awhile?” She said as she handed me a tissue form her kleenex box.

“Yes ma’am! I am going to do my very best not to return ever.” I replied.

“Good girl. If you get sent in here again anytime soon, I will give you another spanking plus you will sit the rest of the day in ISS. Understand me young lady?”

I shook my head, yes.

“If you get sent down here next week for anything, you will have a harder time sitting down than today. Don’t test me! I will give you the maximum amount if need be. Now sign your referral and you may exit out the back and head to your next class.”

I leaned over and signed a pink slip that said what I was spanked for and it was my second visit that week. Then it listed 6 swats received. Took my copy and then I stood up and headed towards the door rubbing my butt.

Going out the back, I didn’t have to face anyone who might of heard me get paddled or my pathetic yelping. So I was grateful she had a backdoor to her office.

As I turned the knob I heard her say: “Nikki. Unless you want to be in here again with your toes on that line. I suggest you don’t wear that skirt again without some sort of leggings. You understand?”

“Yes ma’am. I have plenty of pair to wear with it. I am sorry. I didn’t realize it was so short.”

“I suggest you REALIZE anything that could you sent to my office in the future.”

I then scurried out the door and headed straight to the girls restroom. Yes, I had to have a look. I lifted my skirt and pulled down my panties. My butt was red and already turning purple. You could see where the paddle left it’s outline. I then pulled up my panties, fooled with my hair and tried to repair my makeup so no one could tell I been crying.

Little tidbits of info:

I don’t know what the maximum swats that could be given, but I didn’t want my rear to find out. Of all the school spankings I got, I never got to bend over a desk like so many other girls on EP. I learned very tight Rockies and Guess jeans are way better for getting a paddling than loose clothing. The paddle used in high school was bigger and hurt more than the Junior high one. I wasn’t the only girl that chose to take swats at my school. You can’t clinch your butt while grabbing your ankles (just try it). Women can paddle hard. Yes this particular time my mother was called. Yes she was waiting with the belt in her hand when I got home and I was giving a whipping. I will tell that story if you like, some other time.