I own a used car sales business that does ‘on the lot’ financing. This means the customer comes to us to pay their car loan either weekly or monthly. I had three women working in my office; Tammy, who was full time, and Crystal and Jennifer who were both part time. Crystal and Jennifer worked alternating schedules.  We are from a very small town and everyone knows everyone. I had known all three of my employees the biggest part of my life.

In my business, there was a huge amount of cash flow. Over time I started to suspect money was missing. I had a system in place to keep track of money, but not a fool proof one. A hundred missing here or there was, quite frankly, hard to catch. I fully trusted Tammy. I had no doubt she would not take a dime.

After a few weeks I continued to suspect money was missing. I spoke with the local police and they said the only sure way to catch someone and make it hold up was video. I suspected that if money was missing then Crystal was the guilty person.

Crystal was due to take a week’s vacation. While she was off, I installed two hidden video cameras after hours. I got the cameras installed on Wednesday night and tried them on Thursday to see if they were positioned correctly. On Friday, I looked at the footage. Much to my surprise, I saw Jennifer stuff a $100 bill down the front of her pants only 5 min after getting to work and another $40 after lunch!

I called Jennifer into my office. I told her that I had noticed some money had been missing from the cash drawer. She immediately started crying and apologizing before I could even tell her I had her on video. She actually fell on my office floor crying. It was kind of like a child in trouble. I had not seen anything like it before and was in quite disbelief. A 36 year old woman, I had practically known since elementary school, crying on my office floor.

I told her I had previously contacted the police about suspected money missing and they told me to put cameras up. I then told her I had her on video. She was in total disbelief.

I asked her how much she suspected she had taken. She said $1000 probably but then said possibly $2000 over the months!! I could not believe it. I was getting madder by the minute. Of course she immediately said she would pay it all back, given time.

I told her she would pay it back but also be turned over to the police.

“Please! Please! I’ll do ANYTHING!”

At this point I could see her thoughts on her face. I had heard stories that Jennifer was not always faithful to her boyfriend and she obviously knew I was a single man.

Again and again she said: “ANYTHING, just don’t have me arrested. My kids and my mother will be devastated.”

I asked her if she had ever stolen from anyone before. She said she stole some candy or gum when she was like eleven.

I asked how that turned out.

She replied that her mother beat her ass real good. Something she would never forget.

I timidly answered: “At least you didn’t forget for 25 years.”

Jennifer’s mouth just kind of dropped open.

I said: “Maybe you need your ass beat again.”

Again, Jennifer just kind of sat there in disbelief.

I said: “I will make a deal with you. You sign a statement that you did in fact steal $2000 from my money drawer over the past 4 months and, in fact, this is you on the video taking the money twice in one day. I’ll give you one year to pay back the $2000 and you take a spanking for punishment.”

She immediately said: “Okay, as long as I don’t get arrested and no one knows.”

I said: “That is fine. That is a deal.”

She typed out the letter and signed it on video. Jennifer then stated asking about the spanking.

She said: “Are you just gonna like put me over your knee after work and spank me or something?”

I said: “No, that sounds too much like fun. I was thinking of twenty swats with a belt on your bare butt.”

She then started to protest.

I said: “It is that or the police. You decide.”

I told her she needed to take the rest of the day off and to let me know by 5 pm her decision or I would go to the police. She texted me at about 4 and tried to offer just a spanking.

“Come on, it will be fun! I promise!”

I refused. As 5 o’clock got closer, she texted back and said she agreed to my deal but we had to do the punishment in a few weeks, sometime close to her next monthly period, so any marks left on her would hopefully be gone and she could hopefully put her boyfriend off on seeing her naked. We also mutually agreed she would not be employed with me any longer.

A few weeks passed and I had not heard from Jennifer. I texted her and asked when she was going to hold up her end of the deal. She said her monthly period had passed and we would have to do it next month.

This kind of pissed me off. I said next month by the 31st or I was going to the police with the video.

In a few weeks she texted and said she was ready and also had $100 toward what she owed. She agreed to meet me at my store after hours the next evening at 10pm. She arrived wearing a tight fitting tank top and blue jeans. She was an extremely skinny woman with dirty blonde hair.

Once in my office she flirted some with me and asked if we could just do something a lot more FUN. I said of coarse not!! I told her we agreed to something so let’s get it out of the way.

She quietly said: “Okay.”

I told her we agreed on bare, so please to take down her jeans. She turned her back to me and slowly unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down.

I quickly said: “Bare! Bare means panties also. She slid down her skimpy underwear to her ankles. With her backside to me, I instructed her to lean over my desk. I was shocked at how fatty her ass was. It looked a lot more slim in jeans. I was even more shocked by the amount of hair that was on her front side. It appeared she done very little grooming in that area.

Once she was bent over, I removed a very old black leather belt from my desk drawer that I had brought from home. I asked her if she was ready. She said she would be more ready for ANYTHING else but this.

I swung the first swing at full force. She screamed bloody murder, and jumped up from the desk. After the third stroke she was crying uncontrollably. After each stroke she would jump up and turn around. After about the tenth stroke she said she couldn’t take it anymore. She sat for a good fifteen minutes regrouping. After that we made it through another few strokes and another break. By time we got to twenty it was over an hour. She hurriedly tried to get her jeans back on and just grabbed her panties and put them in her purse as she stormed out. I didn’t hear a word from her for several months.

She comes by and gives me money on her debt from time to time and we never speak a word about what happened.